What happens when two unlikely greenies- an ex commando and a luxury designer, come together? A sustainable explosion! Featuring the sustainable outerwear start-up Asanox from London.
You can now be officially dressed sustainably from head to toe- literally from your undies to your winter jacket! We have introduced you to several eco- fashion brands creating spectacular sustainable wear for all needs and occasions from swimwear(vintage styled Miss Jana to the saucier Breakfast Swim) to summer fashion(sexy vacation wear by Milo+Nicki to smart street wear from W.Y.L.D.E.) to various innovative knitwear labels (pioneering 3D printed NIA or the luxury knitwear Study34). We’ve done denims, active wear and even your undies! So why should your outerwear jackets be left behind?! Presenting Asanox- the slick and sustainable outerwear brand for urbans by the London based dynamic duo- James and Julia.


Asanox, the sustainable outerwear brand founded by ex-Commando James and high end designer Julia started off with one main focus: to encourage city slickers to get out and appreciate the great outdoors, for their physical and mental health: “Our nature and wildlife is intrinsically linked with our primitive brain and without reconnecting to it we lose touch with it. Losing touch also means that we are less aware of the impact we are having. »
It all started with James organising outdoor events and boot camps for Londoners. With a background in Sports and Exercise Science and some extreme military training under his belt from the Royal Marine Commandos, James’ events incorporate military training as well as Scottish-themed weekend adventures. Fashion and city clothing however was not his forte. This is where Julia came in. After spending a lot of time marching around the London streets looking like he was about to head out on a hike, Julia propped the question- is there not something more suited for the urban style that also functions for the outdoors? This was the first step towards the sustainable outerwear Asanox clothing concept.
Originally James and Julia got together and used left over fabric rolls to create their first few samples. After selling to friends and family in UK and Germany, they decided to design more. In October 2016 officially launched Asanox and introduced the concept.  Not long after that in 2017, James and Julia decided to transform their clothing line into products strongly focusing on sustainability.
Being concerned about climate change and human impact on the planet, James made business plans for an eco gym and even commissioned the build of a modified turbo trainer that can charge your laptop or mobile phone.  The concept was to create spinning studios that powered the showers! However after researching the impact of the fashion industry on the planet – especially the oceans – the motivation changed to creating a sustainable outerwear line that lasted and that also channelled support in the form of funds to environment causes and organisations.
Founders ASANOX OUTERWEAR James and Julia
Their partnership works wonders! Julia has extensive experience in luxury fashion houses having worked for brands like Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood- she knows a thing or two about style. With a penchant for cracking a timeless look, Julia ensures that the products look and feel great. James on the other hand makes sure the functionality is maintained given his military background and love for outdoors. Asanox is now an outerwear brand that provides stylish, functional and sustainable clothing for men with a women’s line in set for 2018.


The fabrics are made using 100% recycled PET bottles, along with organic cotton t-shirts and bio-degradable performance fabrics. One of the items ‘Recycled Overcoat’ is almost 100% made of recycled materials. All jackets are accessorised with quality trims and are made to last. They were designed to fit into the fashionable city lifestyle, but also to function for the outdoors. Some of the main features are:

  • Water-proof shells
  • Detachable hoods
  • Large inner storage nets
  • Earphone holders and side zippers for cycling commutes.
  • Foldable jackets that turn into pillows for camping or travelling.


The Cotton Sports Jacket

“The Cotton Sports Jacket is our high quality outdoor sports jacket that also fits into an urban environment. »
Cotton Sports Jacket- ASANOX OUTERWEAR-1
It features a padded inner jacket that can be detached during summer time. Big mesh pockets for storage of large items such as gloves, a ski-pass compartment and earphone holders. Ventilation zippers allow for aeration during physical activity. Unlike synthetic outdoor jackets, the 100% cotton performance shell is comfortable on the skin and very quiet during movement. The removable inner jacket is insulated with EcoDown® by Thermore®, made of 100% recycled PET bottles.

The Recycled Overcoat

“Our Recycled Overcoat was designed to be worn during weekends in the country and also as an overcoat while heading into work.”
It features a water-repellent shell (made of 100% recycled polyester) from with thermal EcoDown® insulation by Thermore®, made of 100% recycled PET bottles. The coat has storage compartments big enough to fit A4 documents and a stashable hood that can be folded out on a rainy day. The entire coat can also be folded into a travel pillow.

The Lightweight Jacket

“Our Light-weight Jacket is an ideal everyday jacket. Something to be worn all year round.”
Light Weight Jacket_ASANOX OUTERWEAR-1
Made with matt finish, stretchy and water-repellent fabric. With plenty of storage, this stylish piece also doubles up as a pillow for when you need to take a nap! The insulation is also made from 100% PET recycled bottles.

Ben Nevis T-shirt

“Our Ben Nevis inspired tee. The print is the exact topographical lines on an OS map for the summit of Ben Nevis.”
Ben Nevis T-shirt ASANOX OUTERWEAR-1
Made from heavier weight, 100% organic cotton.


The desire to create a profitable business is of course at the forefront of many company decisions. But a capitalist strategy and ‘make as much money as you can attitude’ however, is not one of Asanox’s philosophies. James and Julia are determined to make it work and to contribute as much as possible to combat the issue of plastics in the ocean. To do that, they invest a lot of time researching and sourcing sustainable materials and provide support to those cleaning up our polluted oceans. Asanox has teamed up with Surfers Against Sewage and will be donating a portion of their Kickstarter profits to the organisation.
“We are thrilled our Kickstarter project has met its target and will continue to run until the 2nd of October. It was allowed us to pay for fabric and production for the orders we receive. We hope to have more stock to sell over the winter and will now look to get started on the women’s collection. We had actually made prototypes however we couldn’t afford to product both collections (sorry girls!).  Sustainability must and can only be the way forward in business. After all we all live under one sky and we want to continue to explore and enjoy this incredible planet. »
You can either contribute to their ongoing Kickstarter campaign by buying Asanox T-shirts @ £39, Jackets @ £125 etc available on Kickstarter.com
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