Home is where the heart is. Home is where your story begins. Home is where the wifi connects, the bra comes off and the boxers get on. Home is a place and a feeling at the same time. Are you wondering why is this a beginning to feel like an ode to home? Because today’s feature is an ode to creating the perfect home interiors which are at one with nature. Why nature? Isn’t home the place you want to feel calm, peaceful, easy and secure? Well these are exactly the feelings nature gives us. When you you’re close to nature and natural elements you feel a sense of equanimity and peace that does wonder for your overall wellness. And getting closer to nature also inculcates a deep respect for all things natural paving the way for leading a healthy green life!
Today’s feature by UrbanMeisters Green Home Specialist Emma Joyce, is all about how to sustainably invite nature into your home by integrating natural elements in home interiors and decor. Our home interiors specialist Emma has given us great insights into how to manage a green household on a budget and also sustainable home decor tips which is again a big part of Green Home. While we’re all very familiar with using up cycling and recycling for home decor, Emma today talks about how natural elements can be integrated beautifully in home interiors to create a green, peaceful and cozy place. Over to Emma.

How to bring natural & organic elements into your home interiors

Whenever you’re decorating your home, it’s important to try to achieve a feeling of comfort, coziness, serenity and enjoyment, because these are the things you need to experience in your home every single day. Reaching this is never easy, no matter how big or small your living space is, so you should try to figure out a way to make it as enjoyable as possible. One of the most exciting and sustainable ways to do so is by adding a touch of outdoors into your interior and incorporating lots of natural and organic elements in every single room. That way, you’ll feel calmer and get a new perspective on things, and this will keep affecting your life positively in the years to come as well. So, if you too are currently in the process of decorating your home and are looking for new ways to do that, here are a couple of ways to bring natural and organic elements into your interior.

Natural Home Interiors: Focus on the plants

This is the most obvious and basically the easiest idea that can go a really long way. Lots of people love flowers and plants without even being aware how great these are for their mental and physical health. If you’re a fan of flowers as well, find a way to add as many as you can and start exploring innovative and creative shelves and stands that can accommodate dozens of different pots.
By adding these, you can bring the atmosphere in every room of your home to a whole new level and, what’s even better, you won’t have to invest a lot of time and money into flowers and plants in the future – just let them do their thing and enjoy the view.
UrbanMeisters, we’ve always stressed on planting away all your indoor pollution blues with the indoor plant guide that helps you pick the most suitable plant for purifying air depending on the room’s usage. We’ve also featured the star green product AIRY- an all natural air purifying plant pot which airs the plant roots with a unique ventilation mechanism thereby making them more adept at cleaning air. And because we know you so busy bees so well we’ve also featured a new green tech app- SmartPlant App- which helps you take care of home interior plants by giving you guidance on care and schedules. We also recently ran a story on wonder item baking soda and how good it is for your indoor plants.

Natural Home Interiors: A wall of bricks

Even though there are lots of other, more advanced, materials, most of our houses are still made from bricks, so why not turn this feature into something positive? Bringing out a natural look of a wall of bricks is easier than you think and all you need to do is accentuate this wall by using a different color than the rest of your room. It’s that easy!
Alternatively, you can even leave it untouched by paint, so that its natural appearance becomes even more obvious. Surrounded by all your TVs, DVD players and other gadgets and devices every modern living room is full of, a simple brick wall will definitely become the focal point or the living area and the most natural thing you could’ve asked for.

Natural Home Interiors: Let it flow

Living near the sea would be a dream come true for millions of people around the world and they’d love nothing else than incorporating this desire into their home. Luckily, this isn’t entirely impossible nowadays and if you put your mind to it, you’ll certainly find a water feature that can help you feel like you’re lying on the beach and listening to the waves.
One of the ideas is a slate water wall that’s basically a small home-sized waterfall right in the middle of your living room. However, these can be quite big and pricey, so most of us turn to other alternatives instead – a smaller fountain, for instance, can be a nice solution. Fountains are usually reserved for gardens, parks and backyards, but you can certainly find a tabletop model that’s going to suit you.

Natural Home Interiors: Wooden finish

A number of people prefer wooden furniture over everything else, and while that certainly is the choice to make if you wish to add a touch of nature into your home, you still need to go a step further. So, if you treat your wooden furniture with a high-quality finish, it will look even more appealing and natural.
The same goes for all the other wooden elements in your home – window frames, ceiling beams, flooring and everything in between – that have the ability to become extra special in a matter of minutes. This process ultimately comes down to finding the right products and applications that can help your wood reach its full potential and make your home look much nicer than before. And if you own something really special, such as sturdy and attractive timber doors, you’re definitely going to have to look into finishes that will make them stand out even more.


Natural Home Interiors: Build with natural materials

We’re living in the era of sustainability and hence trying to save the world as much as possible. That’s why more and more people are getting into natural materials: using recycled and natural resources instead of plastic and other artificial stuff has a positive effect on your local eco-system and planet Earth as well.
Namely, these materials are going to make your home seem more natural and inviting, while at the same time help save the raw resources of materials all over the world. Some of these second-hand materials are even better than new ones, so you should explore the possibilities they offer. Ultimately, take a look at the natural ways to replace concrete because only by minimizing the presence of concrete in your home can you achieve a more natural look.

Natural Home Interiors: Decorate with natural materials

Once your home is built or renovated using natural materials, it’s time to keep on the good work and introduce nature into your décor, too. Your living room furniture should combine wood and steel, while the cushions and covers that decorate your sofa should be made from natural organic cotton, wool or even bamboo. The same goes for your bedroom linens: you spend about seven hours between those sheets every single night – or at least you should – and that means you need to be surrounded by the most natural materials you can find.
Some of the other ways to bring even more nature into your interior include using recycled materials such as glass or stone, letting in more natural light, planting a few herbs on your deck, adding a green wall to your living room, as well as decorating your bedroom with seashells, twisted wood branches and even ivy.
Thanks Emma for giving us such great tips for natural home interiors. UrbanMeisters, some of these are very easy to integrate into your home interiors immediately. And as a sign off we have a special one for all parents and parents to be on how to think green decor for your kids’ rooms. Listen to our podcasts below on GREEN KIDS ROOM DECOR GUIDE.
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