Plastic Straw. That one ubiquitous plastic thing that seems impossible to dodge. Don’t let it’s size fool you into feeling any empathy for it. While it may seem a small threat in front of big climate problems, if you think a little bit it is one of the biggest examples of unnecessary waste! Drinking from plastic straws is injurious to ocean health. But that’s not all. We’ve uncovered 10 more reasons to give up the plastic straw. Here’s the exclusive UrbanMeisters exposé on plastic straws and what it does to us!

1. Drinking with plastic straw may give you a permanent duck face.

Drinking from plastic straws can be as responsible, if not more, as selfie mania, for the permanent duck face. Drinking out of straw puts your mouth in pretty much the same position as the beloved selfie pout pose also known as duck face. On an average Americans consume 1.6 straws for every man, woman and child living in the country, every single day. Coupled with the number of selfies they clock, we’d say it could pretty much permanently damage the facial muscles and make you the distant cousin of a duck.

2. Plastic is so not fantastic!

You may have your A-game on but hanging out with plastic is just not cool anymore. The cool zone lies on the green side of plastic with new innovative materials and responsible choices. Like the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws- BALI-BOO BAMBOO STRAWS made out of 100% natural and sustainable material and which can be re-used. So if you’re still drinking with plastic straws, #YouCantSitWithUs. Just ask Adrian Grenier of Entourage fame.
adrian grenier

3. Even teenagers know better…

While adults continue to be dense about single use plastic consumption, GenNext has realised plastic pollution cannot go unaddressed. Meet Olivia & Carter, two smart teenagers from US who claim giving up drinking with plastic straws is not really a statement but just common sense! They’ve started an amazing #1LessStraw pledge campaign aimed at making people say no to plastic straws when they consume beverages.

4. Drinking with plastic straws allegedly causes flatulence.

Consult any bloating 101 and you’ll see the seemingly harmless plastic straw listed in the usual suspects list. Drinking with plastic straws can cause gas, bloating and burping. So if you don’t want to be a Gasshole then give up the straws.

5. Thought you’re avoiding germs? Think again.

You may think plastic straws will help you avoid germs because you’re not drinking out of used and badly washed glasses(never mind that you have no qualms using other cutlery), but it’s actually leading you straight to GERMVILLE! Most restaurants keep open loose plastic straws and more often than not the bar tender lovingly puts the plastic straw in with his ‘oh so clean’ hands. So the next time you order that cosmopolitan at the bar do give a thought to the extra dash of germs that the straw comes peppered with!

6. You mouth may need botox early.

When Marie Claire magazine talks about early ageing due to drinking out of straws then we sit up and take notice. Their investigations into straw use causing wrinkles proved that indeed this is not an urban legend. Apparently the position of your mouth while sipping with straws can cause the breakdown of collagen around the mouth causing an irrational wrinkle break-out. You may need that botox earlier than required.

7. Ditching plastic is your last chance at redemption!

Made some stupid choices all this year? Like voting for Trump. Or denying climate change. Or having high expectations of Deadpool. 2016 maybe offering you the last ticket to CLEAN UP YOUR ACT by ditching plastic straws and buying BALI-BOO BAMBOO STRAWS for some responsible drinking.

8. Drinking with plastic straws ⇒ surest sign of commitment phobia

Well this is more or less true of all single use plastic lovers. Cat people have passed on the distrust mantle to plastic straw lovers because after all it’s a sign that you’re into ‘use and throw’. So if you’re sitting with your date, sipping through that plastic straw then know that you are being totally judged. Now if you do take out your own re-usable BALI-BOO BAMBOO STRAW you’re sure to make an impression. It shows you’re a solid one not afraid to commit to something.

9. Drinking with plastic straws doesn’t lessen teeth whitening woes.

A popular misconception is that drinking from plastic straws helps protect your teeth from yellowing. The only thing that can help you with that is good dental hygiene and perhaps lowering that coffee intake.


All jokes apart, plastic straws are killing marine life. Plastic items consist of 90% of the trash floating in our oceans. And according to Ocean Conservancy’s Top 10 list of plastic items that pollute the ocean, plastic straws are in 5th position. Think that’s impossible? Well just America alone consumes 500 million straws every single day! So the plastic straw pollution is not so hard to imagine with majority of this plastic ending up in landfills or oceans due to lack of re-use and recycling. This plastic in the ocean is killing marine life because as it breaks down into smaller particles, it gets consumed by fish, sea mammals and even sea birds, ultimately killing them.
And if this doesn’t move you into abandoning single use plastic like straw, nothing will.
Urbanmeisters, it’s time to THINK OUT OF THE PLASTIC and switch to greener more responsible alternatives. Like BALI BOO BAMBOO STRAWS in place of plastic straws.

  • 100% natural & organic- no plastic, no pesticides
  • Made from sustainable material bamboo and ethically produced by local artisans in Bali by hand
  • Re-usable & ultimately bio-degradable
  • Durable & easy to clean

This product is definitely UrbanMeisters approved!

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