This Christmas be merry, happy, healthy and green as we revisit our eco-friendly Christmas guide only for you! Make it a season of joy and well being for you and the planet 🙂
Ho! Ho! Ho! Dear readers we know you must be prepping for Christmas celebrations, but like they say ’tis the season to do good, we bring you eco-friendly Xmas tips. Why? Are you wondering now why does Xmas have to be eco-friendly? Well read on discover why and follow our super easy tips !
With approximately $75 billion spent on Christmas gifts and 20.8 million Christmas trees cut in the U.S. alone, the impact of this one holiday is immense. While worldwide information is hard to come by, the Australian Conservation Foundation reports a minimum of 2,285,000 tonnes of greenhouse pollution contributed to Christmas in Australia alone!
Now that you know why you need to be mindful of being eco-friendly this xmas, here are easy Tips:

1. Wrap it like its hot!

Avoid using plastic, metallic or foil wraps. Just trawl the net and you will find countless options for wrapping paper made out of sustainable material. But even better – just get creative! Recycle unused paperbags, calender, posters, newspapers etc. Or even use alternative materials like fabric scraps.
Green Xmas Tip 1

2. Food for thought!

Hosting guests? Or just a family dinner? Firstly don’t use disposable cutlery. Earlier this years France became the first country to ban single time use cutlery. And we already told you why you need to break-up with plastic. So bring out your China, or shop disposable cutlery made from sustainable materials and for small items like straws, here’s your option – Bali-Boo bamboo straws! Christmas is also a time when there’s huge amount of food wastage. So compost all your food if you can. Besides this shop from local farmer’s market and support organic labels.
Green Xmas Tip 2

3. Before you deck up the Christmas tree!

There’s a huge debate on whether to go for a live tree or a PVC one which can be reused. While some stats say that in 5 years the carbon footprint of a PVC tree is less than a real tree, on the contrary a real tree can be replanted. It’s estimated that of the 6 million trees bought only 1.2 million are replanted. So choose a PVC tree if you must and reuse year after year. Or if you opt for a live tree, make sure you replant it!
Green Xmas Tip 3

4. Give a thoughtful gift!

Gifting toys? Go for plastic-free ones and support sustainable startups.  Gifting fashion? Again opt for countless sustainable labels. No matter what you choose, there’s always an eco-friendly option! So go green, support sustainable gifting.
Green Xmas Tip 4

5. Light it up, but consciously!

While it’s great to have all those beautiful fairy lights decorating your home, they have a huge impact on energy consumption. So opt for LED lights, reduce the amount of lighting display and most importantly when you buy lights, store them carefully to reuse. Also don’t leave the lights on overnight.
Green Xmas Tip 5

6. Candle couture!

We said it! Petroleum isn’t an easily renewable resource. Plus it’s carbon footprint is huge. So switch to eco-friendlier options!
Green Xmas Tip 6

7. Time to give back!

Don’t forget to get a gift for the single most important person – Earth! There are many eco brands that help give back like TreeEra which plants 200 trees a year in your name for just $20! Or this Parisian kids clothing line which plants a tree in Amazon!
Green Xmas Tip 7

8. Press pause on all that crazy shopping!

All the discounts sure are tempting but that’s no reason to pile up more of what you may not need, or only wear a few times! You know why fast-fashion is bad. So be it for your kids or yourself, shop less and do more good!
Green Xmas Tip 8
We hope our easy tips help you to actually slow down on all the frenzied planning, kickback and have a cosy green xmas 🙂

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