The Green New York Guide hunt with partners One Heart Spots App, brought us to The Organic Grill– a fabulous combination of taste & organic goodness! So in this 3rd edition of hottest green hubs making sustainable living in New York easy is this super-green and fun food place!
The food industry is a slippery one as far as pollution is concerned because not many realise firstly, how polluting the industry is, and secondly, how food itself is not pollution free! Did you know that the meat industry is also one of the worst contributors of climate change. And then there is the massive scourge of food waste! All the food produced does not even get eaten and here is where it actually gets silly. In Europe for example 20% of the food produced gets thrown away. Finally, the food we take in does not only bring into our body nutriments, but potentially dangerous toxins because the food growing and processing practices today make it so.
So we need to be smart about food pollution, watch what we eat and also the restaurants we chose!

Green New York Guide

GREEN SPOT N°3 The Organic Grill- A place to eat organic, healthy & good food!

The Organic Grill is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that offers healthy food. Almost all (99.9% they claim) of their food, drinks, pastries and desserts have been prepared using clean, sustainably rasied materials. The restaurant promotes organic agriculture, but also supports local growers and artisanal food producers whenever possible.
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 12pm-10pm ; Friday 12pm-11pm ; Saturday 10am-11pm ; Sunday 10am-10pm
Tel.: +1 212-477-7177
Address 123 1st Avenue, 10003 New York
You can book a table here.
Special tip by UrbanMeisters for clean & healthy food habits
1. At least reduce meat consumption if going vegetarian or vegan is not for you.
2. Go for organic farming. Privilege seasonal food and purchase directly from a local farm where you can verify the conditions yourself. 
3. Thoroughly rinse and scrub fruits and vegetables. Remove outer leaves of leafy vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage.
4. Organic food is not pollution free food. Pollution is everywhere and can enter through water and air. For the greenies pros of you we recommend MyDx (My Diagnostics) – a portable analyzer that can test chemicals in food.
5. To reduce food waste here is an overview of the European Union Waste 
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