Two mouthwatering honey recipes that will leave you begging for more in our second honey special feature! Bee is our hero, role model and inspiration. It’s the mascot of and a motif we use in all that we put forth to you readers. Its inspires us in so many ways and one of them is how beneficial and powerful it’s products are. The health benefits of superfood honey are well known. Well, all bee products are excellent for over all health and wellness but particularly honey has been a part of traditional healing across the globe as well as a steady ingredient in all home remedies for fitness, cold, flu& beauty. But now honey has scientific sanction as an effective medicine for various health problems with it’s strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In our previous special collaboration with influential greenie, prolific lifestyle writer and dietician Jacky Miller, we gave you the 16 ailments cured by honey. Today’s feature again by Jacky gives you 2 delicious recipes with honey chosen especially to cook at home for you and your loved ones. Done the aprons and read on!

Honey Recipes – healthy food that packs a tasty punch!

Now that you know how amazing honey is for you, here are a couple quick recipes you can whip up at home. Honey can be used in a lot more ways than just an ingredient in dessert – it can also make a main course transform from a tasty meal into something imaginative and delectable. Honey can also be used in a lot of non-culinary recipes, like face masks and hair shampoos. We’ve included a couple recipes like this earlier in the article, though, so the next couple are solely for the benefit of your taste buds.

Sweet Spicy Salmon With Honeyed Mango Salsa

This recipe is a great twist on salmon. There’s a perfect contrast of flavours; sweetness blends into spice which harmonizes with the richness of the salmon to create a blend of taste that’s unforgettable. It doesn’t take long to make, either!
Honey recipes 1 ingredients
First, make the salsa. Peel and chop your mango, chop your pepper, finely chop your onion and cilantro, seed and mince your jalapeno.
Mix the mango, bell pepper, onion, cilantro, half your lime juice, a tablespoon of your honey and your jalapeno together. This can sit in the fridge until the salmonès ready.
Mix together the rest of your honey with your hot sauce and the rest of your lime juice. Rinse your salmon steaks and then pat them dry, then brush them with this mixture. Place them on an oiled grill with their skin facing up. With the coals on medium heat, it should take only a couple minutes for them to char lightly. Flip them and cook for another ten minutes or so, continually dressing them with more sauce.
When they’re cooked, serve with your salsa.
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Fried Honey Bites

Just because honey can be used in more than just desserts doesn’t mean we won’t include some awesome dessert recipes.
Honey recipes 2 ingredients
Combine butter, water, sugar and salt in a pan and bring to a boil, making sure to stir and melt the butter. Take it off the heat and whisk the flour in, then put the pan back on medium heat. Cook while stirring until it begins to pull away from the sides of the pan.
You’ll have a ball of dough after about two minutes. Transfer this to a big bowl and use a mixer on a slow speed to beat it for a minute or so, just to cool it. After it’s cooled, beat the eggs in one after another, then transfer the whole thing to a pastry bag with a star tip.
Heat up your oil in a pot to 350 degrees, or medium-high. Deep fryer temperature. Mix the honey and rosewater with your cardamom and microwave for half a minute.
Squeeze inch-long slices of dough into the oil, using a pair of scissors to slice them off. They will puff up in the oil, and when they’re golden brown (about 5 minutes in) you can transfer them to a baking rack.
When they’re cool, toss them with the syrup you made earlier.
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Bon Appétit!

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