Compromise is not our style! Invention and innovation is! UrbanMeisters, every time we introduce you to a new product we make sure we give you the best solution to the most relevant eco-problems without you having to compromise on style, luxury and efficiency. We have another super product for you which will leave you surprised (pleasantly). Is it a bag? Or is it a keychain? Gotcha! It is both. It’s a reusable shopping bag which can be used for multiple purposes. Before we pass on all info of the product we’d like to to remind you that this is not a paid post! We are featuring the product because it fulfills all 3 criteria required by UrbanMeisters.
1. The genuinely green: When we select a green product for you, first and foremost we ensure that the product helps you fight pollution or helps you live sustainably. We choose products that are the most sustainable and help you identify the REAL GREEN vs. GREENWASHING. We are strong believers in circular economy and help you be part of it. SneaKey bag is a genuinely green product.
2. The easy/ practical green: We believe and insist that green living is not tedious or a daunting task. As global citizens occupied with a million things, we understand that any product or idea we present has to be efficient yet convenient to help us switch. Keeping that in mind we present products that have a realistic fit into our urban lives. SneaKey bags not only fits our urban lifestyle, it makes it easier!
3. The cool green:  Living green shouldn’t mean you have to give up on anything, especially style. We adore products that prove to the world that sustainable can be sexy, Ethical can be edgy, and conscious can be cool! SneaKey bags scores full marks in this department.! See how…

Batman of bags

The savious of our dark plastic ridden planet is sneakily here. Keychain ordinarily, but highly functional bag when the need arises, ‘SneaKey bag’ is multi-purpose bag goals. SneaKey bag fights plastic bag pollution crisis with the eco-conscious solution it provides. The fact that  Plastic is a global-villain doesn’t need more establishing. Going plastic free is the need of the hour because it takes 500 to 1,000 years for plastic to degrade. More than one million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide. Statistics like these show that the state of crisis our environment is in, is resulting from the high use of plastic bags. In an effort to combat the negative impact plastic bags are having on the environment, entrepreneur Jordan P. Vappie has invented the SneaKey Bag.
reusable shopping bag
This clever product is a reusable shopping and utility bag disguised as a lanyard worn around the neck. It allows users to carry keys or an ID badge and then transform it into a reusable bag that can be used in virtually any situation – holding groceries, hauling sports gear or even transporting laundry.

Sustainably SneaKey

Plastic bags used in most grocery and convenience stores are creating a serious problem for the environment. They engulf landfills, pollute oceans and kill marine life. The problem is so serious, some states charge customers a fee to use plastic bags, and in certain countries, plastic bags are illegal. SneaKey Bag eliminates the need for these environmental hazards and offers a more eco-friendly alternative that ultimately ends up paying for itself.
reusable shopping bag specs 2
The durability of SneaKey Bag allows it to hold up to 200 times its weight and size – perfect for heavier items, like milk, melons, meat, and juice, that usually end up getting either double-bagged or not bagged at all. After those big trips to the grocery store when there’s simply too many bags to carry, keeping SneaKey Bag in its lanyard form allows shoppers to use it as a handle. This feature transforms many bags into one load that can be carried over a shopper’s shoulder.
reusable shopping bag feature 1
In addition to its superior durability, what makes SneaKey Bag unique to other shopper/utility bags is its practicality and convenience. It doubles as a lightweight lanyard, transforming between the two simply and in a matter of seconds. It also comes in a variety of colors and designs, allowing it to serve as a fashionable accessory.
reusable shopping bag multi
Sneakey Bag is perfect for those who want to reduce their plastic imprint on the environment and help eliminate the astronomical problem of plastics that are destroying our lands and oceans.

Meet the founder …

Jordan P. Vappie serves as the co-founder and chief innovation officer of Everything SneaKey. A natural problem solver, Jordan has been tinkering with products for years. When the New Orleans native moved to Los Angeles to continue a career in fitness, he began toying with ideas to help clients get the best workouts possible. He eventually invented two fitness products – the Straight Line System, featured in QVC in 2012, and the JBX system. Since then, Jordan, along with his business partner, Heath Butler, formed Everything SneaKey in 2016 to serve as a home for other creative initiatives.

Why SneaKey Bag?

1. It’s convenient. Put it around your neck and you are all set. Put your work or school ID on it, house keys Never forget your grocery bag at home or lose your keys again with the incredibly useful and easy-to-spot, two in one SneaKey Bag!
reusable shopping bag gym
reusable shopping bag game
2. It’s cost effective. SneaKey Bag will actually help save you money. After a one-time purchase, you’ll save yourself a couple dollars each month by not forgetting your reusable bag and not buying them at the grocery store.reusable shopping bag money
3. It’s good for the environment! 15,000 pieces of plastics are estimated to be dumped into the ocean every single day. That adds up to 6.4 MILLION tons each year. Scientist have identified over 200 « Dead Zones » in the ocean where sea life can no longer survive due to human pollution. Plastic as a material is the global-villain because of the way we use it or misuse it. The most responsible way to use plastic would be to stop using it and instead replace it with products like SneaKey bag.

Watch the video to understand how SneaKey is it!

Reusable shopping bag video

So let’s get shopping for the SneaKey bag!

You don’t have to compromise on style! SneaKey Bag is a trendy product and is available in several designs and colours so you can one to match your outfit, style or personality.
Super features! Sneakey Bag is a lanyard and keychain that transforms itself into a bag. It is highly durable and can carry 200 times its weight and 5 times its size. It is built with measurements that make it easy to open and close and easy-to-carry. It’s made from comfortable cloth material that makes its usage effortless. It has a multi-purpose hook, to which keys, ID cards, flashlight and documents etc can be attached.
reusable shopping bag features
Earlybird gets the rewards! 
All birds get rewards but early birds enjoy a bit more. Supporting SneaKey bag project on kick-starter gets you exclusive discounts. 40% off for all earlybirds and 25% on the special Kickstarter price.Presently they only ship in the united states but once they expand you’ll be the first to know. It doesn’t just end here there are more bonuses awaiting you at SneaKey bag’s Kickstarter page.
If you are impressed with the sneakiness of SneaKey bags just like us, make sure you follow them on instagram, facebook or twitter. For more information and to stay updated with the latest, visit
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