Were people as concerned as us regarding pollution?

What were their specific apprehensions and how were they tackling the hazards of this urban problem? There were a lot of urgent questions we faced before launching UrbanMeisters and thus we decided to carry out a survey questioning over 400 urban respondents from more than 30 countries to throw light on what the need of the hour was. The findings were deeply motivating and reiterated our conviction that a platform like UrbanMeisters was definitely needed. Some key results:

Pollution is omnipresent and a definite concern

  • 90% of respondents were conscious of pollution, 58% of them daily and 25% once per week.
  • Interestingly only 75% were conscious of indoor pollution

Respondents considered pollution a risk for health and well being

  • 90% of the respondents confirmed that pollution has a negative impact on their health and wellbeing, mostly impacting breathing, skin, eyes, and also the quality of sleep.
  • The respondents were mostly concerned about air pollution, but topics like water pollution, soil erosion and pollution, light and electromagnetic radiation also got high awareness responses.

The study points out an important paradox

Despite the growing concerns of urban population regarding pollution, they take very limited action against it or to protect themselves from it. Research also indicated that this is mostly due to an insufficient level of information- both in terms of understanding and relevance.

  • Only 66% said that they actually take action vs. the much higher percentage of urban dwellers who are aware and concerned. Action is mostly taken in the domains of nutrition (66%), water consumption (52%), energy consumption (50%), transport and recycling (42%).
  • 62% confirmed that they were not sufficiently informed on how pollution impacts their health and wellbeing. Here interestingly, respondents from Europe had a higher percentage- France 85% and in Germany 74%.

This research not only helped us in moulding our content in terms of what is the information we should give out and how we present it to you, but also made us establish a clear criteria to evaluate the solutions we give you:

  • Proven results
  • Protecting not only health but also the quality of life
  • Natural ingredients or components as far as possible
  • Solutions that are convenient and easy to assimilate in everyday life
  • Solutions that are eco friendly in themselves and do not create a new sort of pollution

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