Why the Bee?

A bee, much like humans, is a community dweller. A bee colony could very well be compared to an urban structure like a city. They are a study in community living and their colony structure is totally self sustainable, organising their up to 20.000 – 60.000 members in an efficient and non-disruptive manner. But unlike humans, their colony and it’s conduct of business does not interfere with the environment or leave a negative impact on it. This is a great learning for us. In fact one of the biggest roles of bees on our environment is crucial and positive for the ecological cycle and for us in turn- pollination.

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According to our friends at Greenpeace honey bees conduct about 80% of all pollination worldwide (Source) and are thus the “guardian angels” of the planet’s biodiversity. At the same time they are the first big suppliers for the food and clothing industry as bees pollinate not only the vast majority of crop, but also cotton.

Bees certainly have mastered the art of green urban living and hence are the ideal UrbanMeisters to learn from!

Yes the tiny creatures do burden great responsibility! And thus they are a source of great inspiration on how to make our urban environment a safe and green haven. Just look at the way they take amazing steps to maintain a positive green foot print. For eg, within the colony there are some bees who’s only role is to keep measuring the CO2 levels within the beehive and as soon as high levels are detected, they start flapping their wings to ventilate in fresh air and refurbish the environment. Their own simple but effective air purifying system- how amazing is that?!

There is a growing concern that the number of bees is steadily declining particularly in Europe and United States and this is not good news for the planet and us humans. Rest assured UrbanMeisters will ceratinly look into this issue, but at the moment we will not reveal more. Keep watching this space for more.

So be(e) patient and stay green!

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