Less of banality, frivolity, pseudo stuff and more of honesty, originality, innovation! If UrbanMeisters was on tinder we would definitely swipe right 😉 And in keeping with that we always walk the talk and bring you product recommendations only after we or the UrbanMeisters community has tried and tested them. So strictly no BS(pardon our French) and no paid promotions! Any green product we feature has to be tested on these three criteria:

  • Sustainable: No green washing but true to form sustainable.
  • Practical & Easy: We’re time-crunched global citizens. The product or idea we present has to be efficient and must have a realistic fit into our urban lives.
  • Cool & Stylish: Living green shouldn’t be a dreary affair. We love products that prove to the world that sustainable can be fun, edgy & sexy- perfect for modern urban life.

Today’s product recommendation is no different. We have Ecosoulife- an award winning Australian sustainable cutlery alternatives to disposables, tried and tested by UrbanMeister and Guest Columnist Jessica Burgess. Jessica points out a universal truth- when out for picnics or camping etc, or on the move, we instinctively think of plastic disposables because its convenient. But what we fail to acknowledge is how much waste these single use plastic items generate. Jessica and her family have been on a zero waste journey and they try to minimise their carbon footprint at every step. Thus Jessica gave Ecosoulife products a try and she was very happy to report to us how good the green utility items are. Read how Jessica and her friends minimized wastage on their recent camping trip by undertaking some simple initiatives and using eco-friendly products by Ecosoulife.  You can also follow Jessica’s zero waste lifestyle on Instagram @ourzerowastefamily. And here is the complete lowdown on this great re green product discovery.

Sustainable disposables by Ecosoulife

Ecosoulife is an environmentally conscious company on a mission to deliver guilt-free DISPOSABLE and REUSABLE alternatives to the plastic and foam, which fill our landfills and waterways. What’s at stake is far too precious to ignore and that is why this organisation is driven to develop products that are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye or use the highest quality materials – they also help protect our ecosystems from poisonous debris, our landfills from harmful waste and help keep our families away from toxic contaminants.
While they encourage the use of reusable, Ecosoulife knows their vision will only become a reality by offering solutions as dynamic and mobile as the lifestyles of the customers they serve- urbans like you and us. From reusable to disposable products for your home, office and business, Ecosoulife offers hundreds of innovative and eco-friendly unique solutions without compromise. They have a range of products which are, BPA-free, plant-based and biodegradable- as they say, ‘being eco-conscious is not only from our soul but it’s our way of life.’
Sustianable disposables 2

Ecologically sourced

Ecosoulife products are made from sustainable materials like Bamboo rice husk, bamboo fiber, plant, palm leaf, corn starch and wheat straw. Using naturally-sourced (often repurposed) materials allows them to develop and manufacture products with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Consciously created

Through years of research and decades of experience, they’ve cultivated relationships with the most relevant global sources to produce an award-winning line of products that are safer for the planet. They continue to test advanced bio materials and methods to help end plastic dependency.

Zero Waste

Made primarily of organic waste, their products are designed to leave behind as little waste as possible when created  and when disposed. They aim to use ZERO plastic or petroleum-based ingredients into their products allowing them to return back to nature.
Ecosoulife founder, Gal and Sharon Benjamin found themselves inspired by the enthusiasm of their eldest son – a young and humble advocate of the environment committed to practice the most ideal disposal methods for the family’s household waste in order to reduce effect of plastic on our planet. With their son’s passion igniting their own environmental consciousness, Gal and Sharon sought to create products that could eliminate the damaging effects plastics have on nature and its ecosystems. After 4 years of extensive research and investments in the materials and products developments, Ecosoulife was born.
Sustianable disposables 1
Today, Ecosoulife is a proud Australian award-winning brand and a globally distributed line of sustainable household, lifestyle, commercial and outdoor products. They support farmers by helping them repurpose agricultural waste like corn, wheat & rice husks, bamboo fiber, and fallen palm leaves. Their safer, greener alternatives are designed to merge into the natural raw materials once buried within much shorter time as compared to oil-based plastics. With technology ever evolving, they constantly research ideal manufacturing methods and materials that would further reduce their environmental footprint while making them more affordable and accessible.
Ecosoulife sustainable disposables
Their price points range from $4.00 to $60.00 covering a wide range of tableware products and outdoor picnic and camping sets.
This year Ecosoulife has decided to encourage people to use sustainable and eco-friendly products by spreading awareness. They’ve created the “BLOG and PRESS” section on their website with an intention to create awareness and allow environmentalists to speak about the current environmental issues, trends and sustainable alternatives which can make the world a better place to live in.
They also encourage all the entrepreneurs out there to take up sustainable start-ups endeavors which would help the environment and help make a difference. Some important tips they give are –

  • Always be true to your commitment made to the customers, deliver what you commit.
  • Try to use green alternatives wherever possible e.g. Recycled paper, Cycle to work, energy saving appliances are a few which.
  • Live sustainable – Only when you live it will you practice it.
  • Make sure your raw material is sourced through sustainable means.
  • Try to minimize the carbon footprint as much as possible in the supply chain and overall operations.

Their motto is- ‘Together we can make the change.’ UrbanMeisters, we love such green products and solutions to everyday life needs. Ecosoulife fits in modern lifestyle easily and is handy and practical. You can follow the brand on their social channels also to keep up to date with their latest offerings.
We’ll leave you with another great product we fully endorse after trying and testing- BaliBoo Bamboo Straws. They’re the perfect replacement for disposable plastic straws and you can buy them here.

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