UrbanMeisters.com has been at the frontline of fighting city pollution together with you for 1 year now. We have built the 1st sustainable lifestyle community- a 30.000 strong network of like-minded urbans from international metropolis like Paris, New York, London, Berlin, New Delhi, Berlin etc. At UrbanMeisters greenies – including global sustainability influencers – share their knowledge to help our growing community achieve everyday milestones in fighting city pollution and leading a happy, healthy & sustainable lifestyle.
One such thing that plagues us urbans is what is that comprehensive checklist to fight city pollution? The everyday steps we can take from morning to night that can better protect us from urban pollution? UrbanMeisters Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Mirela Orlovic, delves into the green knowledge powerhouse we have built over the last year and shares today the 10 everyday SuperTips to combat city pollution in various forms.


Team UrbanMeisters fondly calls Mirela the 1st UrbanMeister- she envisioned this pioneering sustainable lifestyle community for urbans that is collaborative and informative without being ‘cliched’ in terms of discourses around sustainability. A high profile brand management and marketing professional in the world’s leading cosmetics company, Mirela experienced first hand in her work travels the deteriorating environment conditions all over the world. But she’s no ordinary woman to simply ‘go along with it’. She took on the daunting task of not just switching to a greener lifestyle herself but starting this interactive green platform to help other urbans as well.
Mirela recognised that there was no organised community she could reach out to for urbans coping with city pollution. We are the ones most exposed to environmental issues like air pollution and we also create a large carbon footprint with all modern lifestyle activities- massive waste generation, indulgence in fast fashion and mindless consumption, energy usage etc. Thus started the concerted effort to create UrbanMeisters which is a one of its kind concept that connects urbans from cities around the world who have common needs and facilitate an active exchange of ideas on how to effectively fight city pollution.
From interacting and learning from leading sustainability influencers like German politician and green champion Renate Künast, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, blue diplomacy expert Jean Francois Frier, to active participation in COP21, Mirela has been at the forefront of building a strong sustainable lifestyle network of like minded ‘green’ people. She has been able to garner a very unique and holistic experience through her work as a sustainable expert across categories combined with her already illustrious professional background.
And this comprehensive checklist of everyday steps to fight city pollution is a culmination of her extensive experience as a sustainable entrepreneur. So over to Mirela.


For the past 1 year me and my team have been working to build UrbanMeisters as ‘THE’ unique sustainable community which encourages a free flow of green ideas, trends, brands, updates and products. After more than a year of interacting with readers, fellow green entrepreneurs and green brands & companies so closely, I have gathered that while city pollution is a big RED FLAG in our everyday lives, our fast paced and hectic urban life seems to make it impossible to take appropriate action to fight it. I have myself been dealing with the rising pollution levels in my city Paris which have given rise to a host of health issues.
We all have this basic idea of ‘things to do’ but are plagued by questions of where to start, how to start etc. The task seems daunting and cumbersome but is it really so? I have always stressed that fighting city pollution and leading a green lifestyle doesn’t mean some great upheaval of everyday life. Its all about the small steps- easy to do and even fun! Here’s a comprehensive ‘Fight City Pollution 24/7 Checklist’ that I have compiled through my solid experience and interactions as a green entrepreneur and through my everyday life as an urban combating pollution everyday in Paris. Easy to do tips from morning to night that will help you fight pollution in daily urban life.

Tip 1: Morning Kick Starter- Begin your day with Honey & Lemon

fight city pollution tip 1
Start your day with the perfect health booster- honey & lemon. Squeeze 1/2 of lemon in lukewarm water and add one teaspoon of honey. Drink this first thing in the morning. Do I really need to tell you the health benefits of honey? But what is not very well known is how honey helps detox the liver from the toxic intake of polluted city air. Lemon on the other hand is rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants which help body to fight pollution. It flushes out the toxins from body acting as the perfect system cleanser. You could also add a pinch of cinnamon and some ginger to this morning magic portion- both enhance liver cleansing. So pump up on these superfoods.

Tip 2: Morning Ritual- Purify indoor air every morning

fight city pollution tip 2
Indoor air pollution is a big problem that neatly gets sidelined because we concentrate on air pollution outside. The EPA, US estimates that the level of indoor air pollution can be 2 to 5 times higher than the pollution level outdoors. Indoor pollution at home is a big health concern. And in offices indoor pollution wreaks havoc with not only health but professional performance.
So we suggest you develop your on little army to fight pollution and purify indoor air. I can tell you indoor plants are the best soldiers for the job! Put Peace Lily in your home and Corn Stalk Plant in your office to declare war against indoor pollution. Read our room by room indoor plant guide to fight pollution for more info. I also recommend planting them in AIRY plant pots– a unique air cleaning system which utilizes the bio-power of indoor plants by ventilating the roots. Make a safe and healthy indoor environment with plants that fight pollution in AIRY pots. Another step I take everyday is to ventilate my home and office cabin regularly. But only after checking air quality levels outside. If outdoor pollution is high I don’t open the windows.

Tip 3: After Breakfast- Fortify yourself with plant supplements to breathe easy.

fight city pollution tip 3
Cigarettes are not the only thing choking those lungs. Vehicular and industrial fumes, construction dust and many other city pollution agents are harming your lungs equally. I found a great French plant based supplements brand RUE DES PLANTES that has the perfect solution for respiratory stress. Enriched with goodness of thyme, propolis, eucalyptus and bud of pine, this all natural supplement will certainly help you breathe easier in choked city air. Use special UrbanMeisters 10% discount on their products from here. I know it ain’t easy being wheezy so go for RESPIRATORE!

Tip 4: Before Stepping Out- Track air quality before heading out.

fight city pollution tip 4
Sun Tzu’s Art of War tells us to know your enemy well to fight it better. Well same goes for urban pollution. Track the air quality levels before planning your day out to know what times to avoid. I recommend Plume Labs App which gives real time air quality levels of over 200 cities world wide including all major metros. It helps us track the current air quality and also offers a pollution forecast. In this way you can plan our outdoor activities at that time of the day when pollution is lowest. Download it today!

Tip 5: When Outside- Always wear pollution masks, especially when running.

fight city pollution tip 5
Whether you’re fighting crime or pollution, masks are a must! Air pollution masks are as necessary as sunscreen in this day and age. More so when you’re running outdoors because when working out you breathe in more polluted air. So protect yourself with air pollution masks to combat bad air quality while on your daily commute or on your run. I use Vogmask which is engineered to offer the highest levels of protection from pollution. it also comes in great designs and colours. A good quality anti-pollution face masks are an efficacious option to help breathe better & cleaner in urban centres. Since I’m a passionate outdoor runner, I don’t want to give up my work out due to pollution and hence I take preventive steps to fight outdoor pollution while running. But everyone should step outside wearing these masks especially children playing outdoors, elderly people and most importantly people suffering from respiratory issues like asthma.

Tip 6: Mid Day Meal- Avoid Processed Food. Pack a healthy lunch.

fight city pollution tip 6
This is something I feel very passionately about. Not only does processed food give you a million health problems, it also lowers your body’s natural capacity to fight pollution. A view corroborated by popular sustainable living blogger Kayleigh from www.bluejeanswhiteteeblog.com who also writes a regular column KAYLEIGH’S GREENER THINGS for us. We’ve covered earlier how pollution free food is the healthiest food movement. Kayleigh also advises on cutting down processed food intake to better equip our bodies for urban health issues like obesity, insomnia, stress etc.
Another food mantra I use to fight pollution is « All you need is love & Vitamin C to survive in the city! » I have collaborated with two eminent, and might I add super cool, food experts from Paris who have spoken to me at length about their superfoods recommendations to pump up on this wonder vitamin. Caleigh Megless, founder of haute-couture catering outfit Keili Paris, recommends cherries for vitamin C in her exclusive feature on UrbanMeisters on superfoods that fight pollution. I also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with passionate greenie, culinary expert and founder of WomanSpector,  Ines Leonarduzzi who brought back wild garlic for us from the mountains as the ingredient rich in vitamin C in her exclusive piece on powerful natural herbs that boost health.

Tip 7: While at work- Avoid whiteners, markers, highlighters & air fresheners- they emit harmful fumes

fight city pollution tip 7
The sharp pungent smell of these office staples is not just an irritant. These are actually harmful fumes or VOCs that are emitted in the air that contribute greatly in increasing indoor air pollution. Their health effects range from respiratory issues to frequent headaches, nausea, and even damaging of the liver, kidney and central nervous system. So limit the use of these things to make your office safe from air pollutionI opt for dry correction tape instead of liquid correction fluid and use water-based and scent less markers.

Tip 8: Home After Work – Clean with DIY Organic Cleaner

fight city pollution tip 8
After work its time to turn attention to your home a bit. What are you using to clean your home surfaces? Commercial cleaners that are full of toxic and harmful chemicals. So while you think you’re ridding your home of germs, dust & grime, you’re actually leaving behind far more unhealthy chemicals that actually cause chronic sicknesses and allergies. I say junk the toxic household cleaner and make your own organic green one. Here’s the recipe I picked up from a fellow greenie that works like magic in my own home.
DIY Kitchen Cleaner:

  • 1 Cup Water (Distilled or even RO would do)
  • Few drops of lemon or lavender essence- lemon preferably because it is anti bacterial
  • 1 cap of Vodka- Excellent antiseptic that’s not injurious to consume!
  • Mix this in a re-used spray container.

Et Voila! Your DIY organic cleaner is ready!

Tip 9: Day End Detox- Cleanse body & calm mind with Herbal Infusions 

fight city pollution tip 9
Your diet needs a healthy dose of herbal infusions to fight pollution effectively. I recommend the Thyme infusion by Le Benefique which is especially great for the daily public transport commuter. Thyme fortifies and detoxes our lungs and builds over all immunity. It’s also great to keep the respiratory tract free of bacterial infections like cough and cold. You should also end the day with their Lavender or Red Clover infusions. Lavender relaxes you and helps sleep better and red clover is excellent for day end body detox. Read our herbal tea guide by Le Benifique for a complete low down on the power of herbal infusions.

Tip 10: Sleep Mode On- Switch off from all digital gadgets while sleeping

fight city pollution tip 10
Switch off completely when going to sleep. Which means turn your phone on airplane mode and keep it on the night stand instead of lovingly tucking it underneath the pillow. Turn off all gadgets and devices at night not only to conserve power but to prevent exposure to radiation from them- most especially your wifi box. Radiation from devices is also a type of pollution which though comparatively new is increasing rapidly. Thus a complete digital detox while sleeping is a must.
So that’s my comprehensive and easy to do fight pollution 24X7 checklist. There is so much more we can do in everyday life to fight pollution but let’s begin from here urbanmeisters so we can give urban pollution a good fight.
Have more tips to protect from pollution? Write to us on contact@urbanmeisters.com

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