« Startup » is a global phenomenon. If you have been itching to start your own green startup, but words like VCs, funding, hiring, running proof-of-concept, creating a product demo, have been holding you down, we have help at hand! Our guest writer and green « meister » Emma B. Joyce, who has previously given us great tips in the domain of green homes and sustainable decor, is back with a special feature – 10 green startup ideas that you can start from your own home! We thank her for her continuous contribution to help the UrbanMeisters community go green. The 10 startup ideas that Emma gives us, can be started by anyone. Whether you are already doing a job but want something fuss-free on the side to do some green good. Or want to start small and go big later. Get started right here!

Green Businesses You Can Start at Home

If you’re an environmentalist and about to become an entrepreneur, there’s no need to worry about making your business sustainable. There are plenty ways you can combine these two passions of yours and maintain an eco-friendly way of dealing with problems. With a few adjustments, every job can be adapted to the green way of thinking, and your services and products can be environmentally conscious. No matter what your current financial status is, you’re going to see how the economy is changing in a way to help those who take care of the environment maintain their startups and businesses.
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Green consulting

You’ve probably heard of this term, but get ready for it to become one of the most popular ones in the business world. The constant rise in the green marketing has made firms slowly transition to the green side and become more aware of why preserving nature is vital. If you’re an expert in green living, think about spreading the knowledge to others who want to become a part of this rising trend. This means advising people to start using energy-efficient office material, implementing a recycling program, building a more sustainable practice, helping others who work from home lean towards eco-friendly options, etc.

Sustainable building

You might not think that this can be a real job, but you’ll be surprised to learn how many people opt for a sustainable home nowadays. Of course, you don’t have to actually build houses, but just help people get to contractors who do that or retailers who sell sustainable building material. Certain companies offer recycled materials fitted for infrastructure repairs and becoming a dealer for them can be a great way to advise people on new building techniques. Apart from that, you can also start acquiring recycled furniture for those who want to be a part of a green movement and are interested in ways they can do that.

Handmade products

Everything from soap and natural home cleaning products to body oil and hand masks can be safely made in your home. Yes, this is something anyone can do, but if you spend some time and invest in proper packages, this could easily be turned into a great present and a fun way to make your friends and family happy during the holiday season. You can sell these products separately, make holiday-themed sets or even let your customers create personalized sets with a cute hand-written note! Find local stores that will sell your products and make them available to buyers who can then learn more about your business and the message behind it.
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Green online store

This is probably the most cost-effective home business option, because the only things you need are a Wi-Fi connection, a powerful laptop, some comfortable home office furniture, and great organizational skills. You can contact local green business who sell sustainable products and create a unified base that will help them find customers. This will be a mutual collaboration which is good both for you and your partners – you’ll get a small cut from every purchase, and your partners will get the much-needed attention every sustainable business needs.

Eco-friendly gardening

Garden hobbyist are turning their gardens into a sustainable haven, making their space more aesthetically pleasing by using fewer chemicals. Growing vegetables and flowers by using less toxic pesticides can conserve soil and water and still produce great results. This can even be improved by simple techniques such as making your own compost or using rainwater which can help us properly use our waste and spend less water – and we need to know both of these things if we want to make our garden completely green.

Organic catering

If cooking is your passion, you should definitely think about starting a catering business. Not many companies offer organic food and that’s what will separate you from the rest and make your food attractive to local parties. Moreover, you’ll be offering meals with organically raised ingredients, which will also be beneficial for local suppliers. Beside organic meat, you can also make food for vegan/vegetarian events, and, soon enough, word-of-mouth marketing will put your business on the map. To get inspired, read about Haute Couture organic food chef we have featured on UrbanMeistersKeili – who has been featured on Vogue France and has catered at runway fashion shows!
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Handmade natural jewelry

If you’re a creative person who likes designing personalized items, try to make your own jewelry. This can be great for those who can make earrings and necklaces from tin can openers, buttons and vintage brooches. Giving all these items you don’t use anymore a new purpose is much cheaper and more sustainable than splurging on new jewelry.

Bicycle delivery

The bicycle has a potential to become a preferred form of transportation for many businesses in the next few years – everything from food delivery and postal services to car hire services and other business that includes some sort of transport are utilizing the power of the bicycle. When it’s impossible to deliver something by a bike, there are always trucks, vans and even limousines powered by biofuel – and don’t forget the hybrid cars, too! You can drive your target audience to weddings, prom nights, airport pickups and everything you can think off.

Selling used books

It’s always great to buy a new book, enjoy that unique smell and admire its pages knowing that you are the first one who’ll read it. But, think about the whole process and just imagine how many trees are cut every year to print new books. This is where you can see the potential for eco-friendliness: visit local bookstores that sell used books and buy the ones that could be sold the fastest. Also, search the web and do the same. Keep in mind that certain books are always popular – the classics, the bestsellers and the Nobel Prize winners – so you can’t go wrong with them. Try to market your business on local Facebook groups and invite people to buy used books instead of new ones.
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Second-hand store

This is another great idea that doesn’t require you to invest too much time into starting it – just search through the local papers for the ads given by people who are selling their old clothes. The cheapest option out there is buying clothes wholesale and selling retail, or searching through local thrift shops for some designer pieces and then selling them at slightly higher prices.
When trying to become more eco-friendly, the options are numerous and the choice is yours – just remember that every business can be turned into a green business with a little bit of thinking and planning. It’s something hard to start from scratch, but the end results are phenomenal and, soon enough, you’ll get used to being your own boss. For more inspiration, read how integrating Corporate Social Responsibility can be good for your business
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