Hello UrbanMeisters! If one were to ask what is the single most defining facet of modern day urban life? You’d say skyscrapers, or perhaps fast food or maybe even divorces! But the bullseye answer to that question is the SMARTPHONE. Young or old, rich or poor, the most defining facet of times now is the smart phone revolution. Let’s face it, there might be perhaps 9 people left in the world who still think a cell phone is ‘merely utilitarian’. And you will probably find them hidden in the closet frantically texting or updating their status or writing a furious e-mail on their phone declaring their allegiance to a smart phone free world. Let them be, they’re in denial. At UrbanMeisters, on the other hand, we understand your symbiotic relationship with your phone and earlier investigated the health risks associated with cell phone radiation here.

Cell Phone Radiation & Health

We had concluded that radiation from prolonged use of your ‘smart’ devices like cell phone, wifi router, tablet etc is being increasingly linked to serious health issue like Brain Cancer! Even WHO has classified cell phone radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic’ to humans (Source). Professor Dominique Belpomme, President of ARTAC (Association for Research on Treatment Against Cancer) claims that 20 minutes use of the smartphone leads to Alzheimer’s on the long run (Source). And even if you don’t jump to that boat, there are enough other health problems that can be linked to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity that occurs as a result of continued exposure to cell phone radiation. Typical everyday health issue like headaches, high stress levels, fatigue & sleep disorders have been shown linked to this smartphone mania. And most alarming is how it’s proven that children are most susceptible to this kind of radiation! So think again before placing that tablet with Teletubbies playing in front of your baby while feeding or handing over the smartphone to your kid before they come off age! You can read the full assessment of health risks in our previous feature here. So all in all cell phone radiation is definitely not something to be taken lightly. There may not be red alert yet on this but enough alarm bells in the medical research world to make us sit up and take notice. So should you!

Your Cell Phone Radiation Shield: PONG Cases

We know it’s virtually impossible to conduct urban life without the smart devices! Yes we advice you to cut down their usage and we also featured some products that help protect the body from cell-phone radiation like Pong Cases for your phones. When we first came across PONG Cases, our eyes immediately lit up and we decided to investigate this product for you UrbanMeisters.
Pong makes specialised cell phone and smart device cases that act as a shield for the human body against radiation from such devices. The cases are great looking and come for iPhones & iPads as well as Samsung Galaxy cell phones. The design is sleek and smart- something you can carry to work and even at formal occasions.
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How does it work?

Pong cases contain a micro thin, gold-plated antenna that redirects wireless energy away from you. All you have to do is just put on the case, and the Pong antenna will automatically pair with the antenna in your wireless device. The case redirects the wireless energy away from your head and body, so you will absorb less potentially harmful wireless energy.

  • Tested & reliable? Pong technology is proven in third party independent labs, certified by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). These are the same labs that test the mobile devices themselves for FCC regulatory compliance. Basically the FCC Declaration of Conformity/ FCC label/ FCC mark is a certification mark employed on electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States which certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission. But coming back to the workings of this device. Frankly we were skeptical about it and turns out we were not the only ones. Wired Magazine initially panned the product calling the whole thing hogwash until it did it’s own independent testing of Pong Cases at Cetecom, an FCC-certified lab in Milpitas, California, that tests cell phone radiation levels for handset manufacturers. The results proved the efficiacy of Pong cases and Wired magazine featured them as the product to watch out for. Read more here.
  • Does it protect cell phone too? Yeah we know this question is important because even we’re one of those who drop their phones almost everyday! Pong cases are great for your cell phone protection too. They consist of a form-fitting, lightweight polycarbonate shell, which offers outstanding strength and durability. The Pong Rugged case also has a “rubber” (TPE) rim to provide additional protection. The built-in antenna is made of copper, which is plated in pure gold to protect it from corrosion. Pong Classic cases have been independently certified to meet or exceed the US Military Standard Drop test of up to 4 feet and the Pong Rugged cases are certified for drops up to 6.6 feet.

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  • Does it effect cell phone performance? No. The cases function just as your regular protection cases do. They don’t hamper signal and network in any way. The cases also do not affect your battery life- a question that may come to mind because their antenna connects with your device’s wireless antenna to diffuse radiation. Your phone’s battery life is directly related to the power drain of the device, which is primarily impacted by how frequently you use your device and how far away you are from the cell tower.
  • Recommended for kids? We’ve pointed this out time & again that children are more vulnerable to radiation from devices than adults and their usage of products should be very strictly monitored and controlled. And as an added precaution these Pong cases further help limit radiation to children’s bodies. So it’s definitely worth putting on your phone while your child uses it. In fact Pong is Parent Tested Parent Approved– PTPA is a community made up of parents, just like us, who chat together, share tips, feedback, and provide support to one another through a variety of channels. It’s a free community to sign up for and they send out thousands of dollars in free products to parents each year for them to enjoy in exchange for their honest feelings and opinions of that product. Feedback from the parents is also sent to the companies, this information is invaluable to them and helps to shape the way products are made for our families. It’s the parents of the PTPA Media program who determine if that product should receive a PTPA Seal or not. So Pong has their seal of approval!
  • Should you buy it? If you’re concerned about cell phone radiation, which you should be, it’s a good idea to buy one. You will kill two birds with one shot- reduce Specific Absorption Rate (SAR- Source) or in simpler words reduce exposure to cell phone radiation & protect your cell phone from damage too! How can it hurt? But we will point out here, reducing SAR levels may not really be the complete solution to protecting from cell phone radiation. We need to reduce our dependency on these devices and keep a check on their prolonged use.
  • What’s the price range? The cases for phone cost between $60 to $40 depending on the model/ make. iPad cases also range from $130 to $30.
  • Where to buy? Pong cases are available for purchase directly on www.pongcase.com. This is a U.S. based online store, but they ship products all over the world.

If you’ve used this product before then do write to us and tell us more from a user point of view. We’d be happy to receive your real time feedback on contact@urbanmeisters.com or click HERE.
And we’ll leave you with a peek into who’s using the Pong Cases!
BeFunky Collage

Top: L-R- Ed Norton, Jessica Alba, Joel Madden
Middle: Mayim Bialik, Josh Charles, Jay Pharoah
Bottom: Chris Hardwick, Keegan- Michael Key, Giuliana Rancic


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