It’s safe to say blue jeans are the world’s favourite invention. They are always in fashion- timeless really. They are an all gender wardrobe staple- age no bar either. They define casual wear and make the perfect formal outfit too. They’re iconic in art, cinema and music having had their moment for all generations. They even look good distressed! You can never go wrong with a pair of classic blue jeans. Or can you? Your beloved pair of denims take a huge environmental toll. Most of us don’t give much thought to where our clothes come from but fashion is the second most polluting industry. The severe environmental toll of modern textile production, unethical manufacturing practices, and consumption of fashion cycles makes this one of the ‘filthiest’ industries in the world and denims are its darkest side.
Production of denims starts with cotton growing – already called the dirtiest crop on the planet for being a water guzzler among other pollution problems. Denim production uses several chemicals – dyes, coloring accelerators, bleaching agents that make them more tactile, wrinkle-free and glossy. Up to 200 liters(53 gallons) of water is required to wash 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of jeans, which makes 3 pairs. The resulting waste water, full of pollutants is delivered mostly untreated into water bodies. Approximately 450 million pairs of jeans are sold in USA alone each year with popular statistics pegging each woman owning 8 pairs on an average! Getting the picture of just how GREEN is your Blue Jeans?

D’Loop: greening those bad blue jeans!

But denims are still our favourite invention in the world. And making your blue jeans green all the way is D’Loop brand from German Jeans Manufactory! The ‘made in Germany’ brand promises naturally-made, vintage denims without polluting chemical processes and ethical manufacturing practices. D’Loop is the brain child of Harry Singh who’s dream has been to make denim ‘better’. Realising this vision is the creative team of ace fashion designer Katharina Ponn and ethical fashion champion and international brand consultant Georg Andreas Suhr. Together the dream team has been creating jeans that you can proudly sport!
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D’Loop is creating excellent quality chemical free jeans using natural indigo dyes and original Japanese selvedge denim. The idea behind Deutschen Jeans Manufaktur” [German Jeans Manufactory] is to show that denims manufactured fairly in Germany from eco-friendly materials can be both fashionable and affordable. Urbanmeisters has been a champion of eco fashion and it’s been our mission to convince urban fashion lovers that eco-friendly fashion is not boring or unsexy! And D’Loop is a perfect example of uniting environmental and social awareness with casual, sporty, and functional clothing!

Why is D’Loop jeans better than your regular pair?

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Natural Indigo Dye: No harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes are used in making them! D’Loop uses natural indigo dye that is eco-friendly.
Pima Cotton: High quality Pima Cotton- one of the best type of cotton, is used to manufacture them. Pima cotton is environmentally friendly because it is pollutant free and constitutes the foundation of the GOTS certification.
Japanese Selvedge: The winning edge of D’Loop jeans which come in two styles currently is authentic Japanese Selvedge. The edges are cleanly finished (hence the name « self-edge » or « selvedge ») and the fabric itself is more durable and organic Japanese selvedge is considered the best in the world.
Recycle denim: D’Loop offers customers the option of returning a pair of worn “Deutschen Jeans Manufaktur” jeans after a specified period of time. Customers can then save on a new pair of denims from our range by receiving preferred rates.
Thus you see sustainability is the cornerstone of D’Loop from start to finish! And they have plenty of oomph factor too! Stylish details like brass buttons and rivets that give an antique copper finish, leather patches made from high quality leather dyed without chemicals and great cuts make it the perfect fashion pick.
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Road ahead for D’Loop Jeans

D’Loop is currently working on expansion of their denim production- adding new styles and bettering the manufacturing process.
They are also working towards our GOTS–certification [Global Organic Textile Standard] which is trusted globally for defining the processing of textiles from organically produced natural fibres and upholding strict environmental standards.

How you can help?

Buy their jeans of course! You can buy your pair very soon on  
Apart from this you can be a part of their crowdfunding campaign on StartNext to help them make denim better!
We’re so proud that this German brand is giving such a beautiful Green makeover to our beloved Blue Jeans! Berlin is the capital of green fashion and D’Loop with it’s « Made in Germany » tag is making each denim count!

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