Green building or sustainable construction is the new black! In the past we’ve introduced you to Singapore based WOHA Architects designing super chic & green commercial buildings & hotels. But apart from green design, today a lot of new green building techniques and sustainable materials are making way for smarter and eco-friendly construction. So today we feature a concise and informative infographic by partners Rubber Bond on how innovative technology and new sustainable materials are making way for an exciting phase of green building world over.
Growing population and accelerating economic development across the world is putting tremendous pressure on natural resources and environment. This is very acutely felt in construction and engineering because building infrastructure is the key need of the hour every where be it housing, commercial use or utility infrastructure. But this challenge is being met by engineers head on by developing new green building methods and perfecting new sustainable materials to improve lives and the environment. While some of these green building innovations are in the research and testing phase, others have already been used in ground-breaking projects.
Radical green building methods, like robot swarm construction methods are being developed at Harvard and could have a huge impact on future constructions. Interestingly, the idea for robot swarm construction came from how termites are able to build their elaborate termite mounds! Then there is also 3D printing which is revolutionising sustainable development in so many areas like fashion already! We recently featured the Brooklyn start-up NIA which has pioneered 3D knitwear technology for developing eco-friendly and affordable fashion. In construction too 3D writing is making waves with Chinese company ‘WinSun’ and DUS architects in the Netherlands testing it for building housing.
And the green building story does not end here with just innovation in technology! Considerable research is going into developing sustainable materials to make construction more eco-friendly. These include Microalgae (which provides shade while producing renewable energy), Aerogel Insulation (which is as light as air and has super-insulating properties) and the ultra-strong transparent aluminium.
In the infographic below by our green partners Rubber Bond, you can learn everything about these new age green building materials and techniques and also look at actual building examples like the famous ‘The Edge’ building in Amsterdam and ‘The Crystal’ in London.

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