This has been a week devoted to plastics. Urban life has a strange love-hate relationship with plastic consumption. An extremely sturdy, multipurpose and convenient material, plastic has seeped into our lives irrevocably. But it has always been villianised for being non bio-degradable & the biggest waste source on earth. Even a kindergarten going kid understands the slogan ‘Say No To Plastic’. But do we stop consuming it? We love to hate it. We love to use it.
Earlier in the week our spotlight was on PET bottles and how beverage makers around the world continue to patronise PET Plastic bottles. We evaluated the health risks associated with drinking from such containers and even closely examined companies position on it. Read more here for all this and more tips on how to reduce plastic bottle consumption. Today we bring you plastic again but from another refreshing angle!
In time for the big travel season coming up, we discovered a super cool project that über-passed the UrbanMeisters requirements to be featured here for our readers!

  1. Sustainable & Ethical: This of course is the must have and the basis when we go on green product hunt for you. As a lot of us will go for the blue-green beaches, like for me a trip to the Mediterranean sea in summer is a must for me. So we think it is only fair that you contribute to keeping those beaches and waters beautiful and free of plastic. The featured start-up helps you to definitely do this. Of course the best is to keep away from plastic as much as you can!
  2. Practical & Easy: We’re busy bees with little time and much to do. So any product or idea we present has to be practical & easy to do. They must have a realistic fit into our urban lives and help you privilege the time you have with your friends, family, pets or just yourself! This project again totally fits all these requirements.
  3. Cool & Stylish: Loyal readers know how hell bent we are on proving to the world that Sustainable can be Sexy, Ethical can be Edgy and Conscious can be Cool! Here again the product we feature today scores full marks.

So we’re very excited to present another cool side of plastic- Hamilton Perkins Collection- Travel bags made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and lined with repurposed vinyl from billboards. Bags that reduce waste levels, cut carbon emissions, conserve water – and create jobs! Yes, it’s just a bag. Or is it? 

How it all started?

Before Hamilton Perkins Collection turned recycled plastic bottles into bags, founder Hamilton Perkins had a personal problem.  Perkins struggled to find a bag that was unique, transparent, and equipped to have an impact.
“We had trouble finding a backpack that could meet our basic needs in a practical and socially responsible way.” the founder explains. Plastic can take hundreds of years to biodegrade and decompose. Millions of tons of plastic flow into the oceans every year.  Some call it the “Plastic Age” that we are living in. Experts hypothesize that if no substantial waste reduction strategy is implemented by year 2100 we could see “Peak Waste” levels around the planet.
At least $100 billion dollars is spent annually in the global luggage and accessories market. There are a minimal number of companies that fundamentally serve in a leadership capacity to manifest social change within the space.
So the Hamilton Perkins Collection was born to design and re-engineer classic travel accessories, building them from the ground up to give.
Hamilton Perkins Collection invests quality time curating and selecting the right partnerships with suppliers, cut-and-sew factories, and with distribution platforms that have parallel core values and reputation.
By partnering with Thread, a certified B corporation that works with developing nations to turn plastic waste into fabric and directly reclaiming billboards when they are headed to local landfills, Hamilton Perkins Collection creates unique bags that take into consideration the environment, society, and stakeholders.
As we told you earlier, this green product is particularly convenient to store your precious belongings during your travel in a smart way. Before starting the project they interviewed 1.000 travellers to exactly understand what bugs them about current travel gear. Hamilton elaborates this further:
“We came to the industry from the customer’s point of view first and we were not satisfied with what the market was producing. 
Most bags are one-dimensional and don’t give the traveler the option to choose the version most suitable for their current travel experience.  The Hamilton Perkins Collection Earth bag is an all-in-one bag that converts into a backpack or duffle bag.
Unconventionally, we are set up to encourage travelers to save closet space and to buy fewer bags overall by combining 2 designs into one.
One of the most frustrating things about travel is not being able to access your stuff at all times or simply keeping up with belongings.  The Hamilton Perkins Collection Earth bag features a 3-way zippered compartment that allows easy access to laptops, books, and travel documents.
Our customers can spend less time digging and searching during those important moments. Our product allows them to focus more time on connecting with others, making more friends when traveling, and look good while doing good.”
As far as the look is concerned we let you juge yourself from the pictures but we love the clean and minimal design. It’s cool, edgy and refreshing! On top, the repurposed billboard vinyl as key ingredient makes each bag’s lining different and thus a unique piece. Founder Hamilton Perkins pre-sold bags in late 2015 before getting to the crowd funding stage. He looks forward to launching his very first campaign in the next few weeks. To learn more about them and keep in touch to know when the bags are available you can connect with them on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.
We’re delighted to feature such innovative stylish solutions to urbans. These bags are a great fit in urban lifestyle and they are a responsible buy too! This is exactly what charges us at great green innovation stories that impact urban life in real time. If you know of more such green start-ups or brands then do write in to us at or connect with us on any Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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