Of London vs. Paris Startup Face-off & two cool new kiddie startups

This week we celebrate at UrbanMeisters the green start-up scene in Paris and London. With the artist and blogger Francesca Willow known as EthicalUnicorn (London) we have organised a friendly face-off to find out which of the two cities has a greener innovative drive & greener start-up scene.
As UrbanMeisters is Paris-based we will be selecting the Top 5 Start Ups from Paris. Fran will chose the green Top 5 from London. If you know a green Parisian startup you feel should be in the Parisian TOP 5, you can leave its name in the comments below or send us an email here.
So in this run-up to the face-off, this week, bursting with green creativity & courageous entrepreneurs, is also the prefect timing to present you the a very interesting green entrepreneur & her kids-focused 2 green initiatives.

A healthier safer future for your babies begins with green education today

In a way this project helps to guarantee that green start-ups become a “renewable source”. It is dedicated to educate our Mini urbans to become healthy happy green citizens and conscious business people. Not only do babies and children suffer the most from pollution due to their still fragile and developing immune system. According to UNICEF it is also in the early years of childhood that they form the basis of (green) intelligence, personality and (conscious) social behaviour. Recent research confirms that the first five years are particularly important for the development of the child’s brain, the first 1000 days being the most critical. (Sources 1, 2).
At UrbanMeisters, instead of getting bogged down by doomsday scenarios, we are confident that we will change this world to a cleaner healthier place we are aiming at. And in order to reach this goal it is essential to start with the mini urbans as we need a healthier tomorrow for them & they will take the relay and continue to live in a happier healthier world.
To make it easier for you to give your kids the right information and education they need, there are green entrepreneurs like Carole Piette who help you.

Carole & her green startups – Conscients & Super Yoghiros

Let me first introduce you to Carole. I met Carole when I was launching UrbanMeisters during the Cop21 in Paris at the Place to B: Unique initiative uniting bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs, artists, … and even celebrities behind the common mission to start a new narrative on climate change.
Carole is this type of Urban and Powerlady that you would call a Serial green entrepreneur. She has been into Sustainable entrepreneurship for over 15 years now. Already a member of the founding team at Alter Eco which has become France’s leading company on fair trade groceries. Then something changed in Carole’s life… and she changed her focus. She became a Mum and her vision of the world evolved “Our children are the one holding the solution in their hands” she says today.

Inspired by this, she founded with her former colleague at Alter Eco Helene Conscients, an ecofashion brand for babies and older infants. The mission of the brand is to develop eco-friendly baby playsuits that are beautiful, practical and easy to wear to allow babies full mobility – something that Carole discovered baby and kid’s clothing often lack. In order to let them exploit their talents, nourish their creativity, discover life and find solutions, she felt they needed to be able to move freely without limits.
The masterpiece of Conscients is the Treeshirt. Made with organic cotton, eco-friendly dyeing it supports a reforestation program in Amazon. Each Tree-shirt sold means a tree planted in the Amazon region. What’s unique is that each Tree-shirt has the GPS coordinates of the planted tree printed in aesthetic graphic language on the tree-shirt. For UrbanMeisters Carole is even allowing us an exclusive SNEAK PEEK of her new Tree-shirt. There will be several colors and worldwide shipment, so stay tuned.
But for the green addict and creative junkie Carole, this project was not enough and today we are happy to present to you her new baby, the “Super Yoghiros” – an illustrative and empowering book for kids:
Carol was so happy to share with all our dear readers a personal message:
« My name is Carole. I’ve been involved in sustainable business (organic, fair-trade, agroforestry) for 15 years. I recently created a brand for kids named Conscients, kind of a online concept store to spark curiosity in children about the different ways we have to preserve earth (sorry the english version is not updated, I’ll remedy to this soon).
I started the brand with a collection of fair and organic clothes. The most successful product is a piece called “my tree-shirt”. This birth gift is a bodysuit that plants tree, the design is one of a tree with its GPS coordinates. It comes with a wallet and a plantation certificate at the name of the baby.
But birth gift are chosen by adults. So I thought, it might be nice for the kids to learn about their trees through a story in an illustrated book. This is how the project began.
The Super Yoghiros is the story of three kids in the Amazon rainforest.
They discover its biodiversity, why the forest is at risk and how to preserve it, and they realize they can make a change even if they are small. For each book, a tree will be planted in the Alto Huayabamba, the region of the Amazon that inspired the story. »
The book is recommended for kids between 4 and 8 years old. What is super is that the book also gives out tips on how to continue discussing the issue during talks with your kids and how to best answer the additional questions kids will certainly have.
Carole plans to make Super Yoghiros into a series of books to show all essential environmental issues and solutions to the kids. The books are eco-printed in France to minimize carbon footprint.
The Super Yoghiros have Super-Godfathers like for example Cyril Dion, co-director of the film Demain (in English “Tomorrow”), a 2015 French documentary film totally in this new narrative we talked about in the beginning of this article. Instead of doomsday scenario, the film shows initiatives all around the world that are concrete examples of environmental and social change and winning the French Cesar for best documentary this year.
Carole is currently doing a crowd-funding campaign and you can support her and her Super Yoghiros by clicking here:
We wish Carole good luck and will follow this serial green and creative Lady and Mum, somehow we are sure she will not stop here 🙂

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