We all got ‘TRUMPED’ with the mother of all exits after BREXIT with US pulling out of Paris Agreement in June this year. Well, surprise surprise! This is after all a man who thinks global warming is the biggest hoax peddled by China to dent American industries. But as the leader of the world’s largest economy and the second biggest emitter of carbon, this move by Trump was a big disappointment for even the most hardened cynics. It punched a huge hole in sustainable development hopes for a better future and put the historic Paris Agreement in jeopardy. This mega pact between nearly 200 countries is a huge move towards tackling climate change and is historic in not only the fact that a consensus was reached between 200 nations with vested interests but also that it set some pretty radical emission norms to be followed by participating nations. Ironically this pact was given great push by President Barack Obama so the Trump pull out hurts even more! Pushing aside power play and politics from the move, our guest writer Georgia Davies gives an explanation of the US exit and it’s implications. Will it de-rail the Paris Agreement? What effects will it have on America’s policy on emission norms and clean energy? What do world leaders say about the exit?

[INFOGRAPHIC] Trump 'Breaking Bad' with Paris Agreement
UrbanMeisters, we stand reassured by world leaders re-affirming their commitment to Paris Agreement at the recent G20 Summit in Hamburg with or without USA. The best way to predict the future is to create it and sustainable development is key to a safer, happier future. And while there are things to be done at the big macro level like the Paris Agreement, we too can make a contribution to this at a micro level by making small sustainable lifestyle choices.
Keep it GREEN people!

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