Saving energy at home has the twin advantage of saving unnecessary resource wastage for the environment as well as cutting down on those power bills! To help you do this, we shared a series of tips as listed out by real life UrbanMeister Gareth. Besides this we have covered a series of devices that help you cut energy. Luko is a small smart device that you simply need to plug in your main meter to give you energy usage readings of your home in real time. Or the innovative cooler Quillo which cools your room by 5-10 degrees without generating heat or gases and consuming very little energy. However one of the other avenue that’s slowly gaining popularity, not just at commercial-use level, but for individuals too is installation of solar power at home.
Many home-owners still percieve solar power as something just good for the planet. Our special infographic challenges that perspective. From being cheaper, safer, giving power in consumers hands by helping them produce their own electricity, solar power is the way to go. In reality, many homes are making the switch to solar power. Across Europe, the total amount of solar power passed the symbolic milestone of 100GW in early 2016 and now stands at 104GW. The UK leads Europe for solar growth with 29% of new capacity, followed by Germany with 21% and France with 8.3%. Germany, which moved several years ago to subsidise and build a solar industry, still retains the crown for total solar capacity, with Italy second top. In Germany there are 1.7 million solar systems that are all owned by citizens. Globally there is now 305GW of solar power capacity, up from around 50GW in 2010 with US & China leading the worldwide surge – new solar photovoltaic capacity installed in 2016 reached more than 76 gigawatts, a dramatic increase on the 50GW installed in 2015.
For making the solar switch – from companies like SonnenBatterie in Germany to Tesla Powerwall, there are many options to help store the power produced. Google’s Project Sunroof makes it easy for one to calculate their savings, as well as give out options on loans, financing and how to install.
In our special collaboration today with Renewable Energy Corporation, we explain to you how energy benefits you economically and contributes towards the larger good too!

By the way France just passed a law mandating all new buildings in commercials areas to have ‘GREEN ROOFS’- terrace partially covered by plants or equipped with solar panels. Now UrbanMeisters, get tips on how you make your neighborhood green & glorious with easy, practical tips by our founder Mirela Orlovic.

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