Lounge-wear and ‘athleisure’ wear is one of the biggest trends in conventional fashion. And this trend is fast catching up in sustainable fashion as well. UrbanMeisters had introduced Paola Fleming- creator of gorgeous sustainable fashion line Sencha & Bourbon & owner of the eco-friendly atelier boutique La Manufacture Onirique–  as the GREENIE TO KNOW in Paris. Paola is passionate and enthusiastic about her green projects and truly engaged in the eco community. While the boutique, tucked away in beautiful Montmartre in Paris, serves as an art gallery as well as a place for like minded greenies to get together and share ideas on home projects to DIY ideas, her sustainable accessories line Sencha & Bourbon has matured into a full fledged sustainable lounge-wear collection. We are happy to give you an exclusive preview of the fabulous designs and 3 of our favourite picks from the collection.

Paola’s newest eco fashion « baby »: Elegant Lounge-wear

Paola has never been an ordinary designer of sustainable fashion and ethical accessoires – she is a “creator of sensations”. Her Sencha & Bourbon scarves have fast created a loyal customer base in France and in the US all thanks to the incredible softness of her organic creations.
As more and more of her custumers kept asking for a full sustainable fashion line, she decided to take up the challenge – but strictly keeping the core strength of her former creations- ultra softness and comfort – intact as USP of her sustainable fashion line. « I wanted to create a collection of everyday wear, as comfortable as lounge-wear but with an elegant and versatile twist. » Paola explains. Building on the international fashion trend of lounge-wear and athleisure, just like the New York label Ponybabe we presented earlier, Paola has designed her clothing line to be worn all day long. The collection beautifully brings together Parisian elegance and ethical comfort to fit everyday occasions of urban life.
Paola designed a full sustainable lounge-wear collection from cape to body – her designs bringing the superior sensuality of her fabrics to drape the body beautifully. All fabrics like angora wool and lamé cotton are organic and -except for the exclusive bodysuit- sourced in France.
The pieces are then handmade and naturally hand dyed in her studio in the 9th arrondissement. Just like her scarves Paola uses the finest spices, coffees and flowers from around the globe to dye the clothes in the most natural way possible and good for the skin.
The creations have an easy and loose fit to guarantee comfort and also to celebrate every body type and age.
Before we let you discover the sustainable lounge-wear collection, here is a message directly from Paola for you:
“It is not without pride, that I am presenting to you my first comfort collection. Just as the scarves that you’ve experienced before, their closeness to you, I felt the time was for their logical brothers and sisters, pieces of clothing you wrap yourself in, you travel with, you sleep in, you transform for yourself. They come in numbered by 10 each, with your initials as we’re used to do between us ever since Sencha & Bourbon was created 4 years ago. The Cocoon Collection Ethical elegance through comfort. »


You can discover the complete Sencha & Bourbon sustainable lounge-wear collection here. But we’ve sifted through the gorgeous collection and picked out our Top 3 favourites for you. The entire collection is full of gorgeous pieces that prove once more that  sexy and sustainable go hand in hand and that even custom made pieces can be ethical and affordable.

N°1 UrbanMeisters pick: Paola’s Square Dress –> The Everyday #MustHave

Sencha Bourbon Cocoon Lounge-wear Dress
We love this dress as its minimalistic cut opens so many different opportunites to be adapted to each urban fashionita’s style through accessoires like a belt or shoes. Its loose fit and incredible softness gives great comfort, but what makes it a great pick is the sexiness it oozes with its off shoulder silhouette! You’re sure to feel sensuous and stylish! Grab it for an evening out with friends after work.

  • Fabric: Made from angora wool from France.
  • Colours: Available in plain or light blue.
  • Size: One size.
  • Price: 105.00€ + shipment.

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N°2 UrbanMeisters pick: Exclusive Bodysuit –> THE Eco Couture Piece

Sencha Bourbon Cocoon Lounge-wear Bodysuit

This piece has been designed by lingerie designer Jaad Lingerie exclusively for the Cocoon Collection. It’s a real sustainable haute couture piece as it is hand sewn in Paris by Jaad herself and then hand dyed by Paola in her studio. A unique piece which allows you to customise it as much as you want- you may for example chose the color of the cotton. It’s truly bespoke and making starts only on order taking 2 weeks of production before it can be shipped out.

  • Fabric: Silk & Linen mix top origin from Egypt, wool veil botton origin from France.
  • Colours:« Dirty Rhum & Mustard » : Dyed with Turmeric & coffee »Autumn Green » : Dyed with Turmeric, Atlas Blue, Coffee »Brick Orange » : Dyed with Roucou, Turmeric, Back tea« Denim Blue »: Dyed with Atlas Blue, Charcoal, Green Tea
  • Size: S, M, L.
  • Price: 95.00€ + shipment.

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N°3 UrbanMeisters pick: Wool Cape –> Layer up in style

Sencha Bourbon Cocoon Lounge-wear Cape
Having a bespoke and unique outerwear piece is a difficult one even in conventional fashion but Paola makes it possible with this creation. When you order you may not only chose its organic color, but even where you would like the colour-shading. So you can create your warm cape for winter, one that perfectly fits your wardrobe and expresses your personality. Just like the bodysuit, this piece is started after the order, so please allow Paola 2 weeks after the order before shipment.

  • Fabric: Haute couture organic wool from France
  • Colours: Dyed with Roucou , Turmeric, Hibiscus flowers & TeaSize: One size.
  • Price: from 158.00€ + shipment.

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Where to shop?

  • Either directly at Paola’s boutique:

La Manufacture Onirique, 2 Rue Gérando, 75009 Paris, FRANCE

  • Or online:

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Are you a sustainable fashion trend spotter?

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