Living in big cities is certainly convenient, but it also bears various serious challenges for the health and well-being of urban dwellers.
In this article we are delighted to cooperate with our partners from Rue des Plantes. They propose a variety of natural solutions, natural food supplements, based on plants to aid our well-being given our lifestyles as citizens of big metropolitan cities of the world. a online boutique of well-being

The online-shop houses numerous products as food complements, essential oils, spices, tees and many more! Rue des Plantes stocks online products of herbal medicine since December 2011. The team started of with 50 products and have now more than 900 references available on their market place and a team of 10 people who are dedicated to best answer the demands of the online customers.
Rue des Plantes is proud to manufacture their herbal medicine and naturopathy products exclusively in France and to have the label « Origine France ». This label is a guarantee for the quality and safety of their products and production processes respecting the French standards for herbal medicine and naturopathy. Rue des Plantes is particularly rigorous concerning the selection of its natural raw materials and works closely with a French laboratory that have been making natural qualitative products for more than 25 years. Part of their range is certified BIO.
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What can we find there in terms of well-being?

The key issue living in an urban area is the challenge of having to fight every day against different types of pollution. In the city streets, Urbans have to inhale the air polluted by the exhaust gas of vehicles. Constantly surrounded by a crowd, there’s constant noise and the noise and light of the streets, shops, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, bars, … . All of this adding up and creating stress and anxiety.
Of course if you decide to live in the countryside, the challenge of pollution is less essential and you have an environment that is more livable than in the big metropolises. However this is not a solution for all of us, so Ruedesplantes offers different solutions to better cope with the different types of pollution and we present to you the following selection:

AIR POLLUTION A solution to breathe normally with plants

Thyme is an expectorate and reliefs the irritation in the throat and the pharynx. This is why our partners from Ruedesplantes propose a food supplements which is called Respiratoire. This complement is actually a complex of plants in which we find thyme, propolis, eucalyptus and the bud of pine. This type of natural food supplement is to be taken during the meals and brings a sensation of freshness in the respiratory tracts.

Rue des Plantes Respiratoire

Price: 9,13€ for 60 pills + Shipment to Europe
Advice for use: Use this product when you have respiratory issues like a cough, runny nose or sour throat. In cities with high air pollution, we recommend to take this supplement all year long, there is no contra-indication. Take 2 pills per day with a big glass of water.
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URBAN STRESS A remedy anti-stress innovating with 4 plants

Stress has increasingly become a recurring ailment for urbanites, being constantly exposed to noise on top of a busy bee lifestyle. Rue des plantes proposes a solution. An organic food complement with a mixture of 4 plants to help urbans aid optimal relaxation and reduce the effects of stress in everyday life. This organic complement consists of hawthorn, escholtzia, passiflore and valerian. The association of these 4 plants shows itself effective against the stress. This natural food supplement is bio certified.

 Rue des Plantes Calmant-Stress BIO

Price: 10,71€ for 60 pills + Shipment to Europe
Advice for use: We recommend a cure of 2-3 months. Take 2 pills per day during meal.
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URBAN INSOMNIA Sleep tight with essential oil

One favourite subject of the UrbanMeisters team is bad quality of sleep or insomnia, because as Arianna Huffington explains in her book “The Sleep Revolution “The evidence is all around us. For instance, do you know what happens if you type the words “why am I” into Google? Before you can type the next word, Google’s autocomplete function—based on the most common searches—helpfully offers to finish your thought. The first suggestion: “why am I so tired?” The global zeitgeist perfectly captured in five words. The existential cry of the modern age.”
Our partners from Ruedesplantes recommend a specific mixture of essential oils:

  • Lavender: One of the must have essential oils as it works for a lot of urbans relaxing the body, calming the mind and relieving stress. It also helps to reduce high blood pressure and reduce the spread of colds and viruses.
  • Sweet Orange and Mandarine: Combats insomnia and installs a sense of warmth and wellbeing. It also improves circulation of blood and lymph – also giving relief from rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Rosewood: Anti-depression and also reliving stress.

Rue des Plantes Huiles Essentielles Synergie sommeil relaxante

Price: 11,03€ for 15ml + Shipment to Europe
Advice for use: This essential oil is for topical use. Apply not more than 2-3 drops before going to bed on your skin, we recommend either on the crown of head, temples, behind ears or neck. Essetential oils are very potent, so be cautious with the dosage. You can also inhalation, either directly by smelling them or using them in a diffuser.
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DEFENSE Protect your immune system

With the effects of pollution and the contact with several people, our body is confronted with several infectious diseases. Thus it is advised to boost your immune systems to reduce common diseases as flu, … which impact everyday life. Here are some examples of natural products to strengthen the immune system:

  • Let us begin with the acérola

Acérola is a bright red colored fruit and similar to the commonly found cherry. The flesh is juicy, tasty and slightly acidic. This fruit is famous for its content of vitamin C. There is 100 times more vitamin C in the acérola than in the orange. You can find it in capsule form or powder in specialized shops or pharmacy.

  • Let us finish by the red ginseng

There is not need to prove the revitalising characteristics of Ginseng anymore. The root of Ginseng is called in the oriental world « root of long life  » is an adaptogen plant, which meas it increases the ability of an organism to adapt to environmental factors and protect from them. The plant draws diverse nutriments from the ground and changes them into ginsenosides: constituting bio-assets, an asset for wellbeing. Used since millenniums in the Asian countries, the use of ginseng Panax CA Meyer is famous by the WHO (World Health Organisation). Indeed, ginseng contributes to the smooth running of the immune system.

Rue des Plantes Ginseng rouge

Price: 8,61€ for 60 pills + Shipment to Europe
Advice for use: We recommend a cure of 2-3 months. You can take up to 6 pills with a big glass of water during a meal.
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Are there any contra-indications?

Today many shops and pharmacies propose nutritional food supplements with plants as well as essential oils. For certain people it’s better to consult a doctor to get a recommendation adapted to their individual need because due risks of allergies when taking certain food complements.
We invite you to discover the online boutique of Rue des Plantes.
If you already take any natural food supplements, would like to suggest some to our readers or have queries, do write in!

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