It is now common knowledge, that the world must go at war against food wastes. From mobile apps in the UK and Spain to smart cards in Greece, countries are finding resourceful ways to tackle it. To learn more about consumption in your country and its neighbours, we wanted you to discover this infographic by Magnet, kitchen designer!
There are still huge differences between countries around the globe. Greece leads the way in least average food waste per person at 44kg per year… But Australia goes up to 361kg! The statistics are compiled from the Food Sustainability Index 2017, which was developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Barilla Centre for Food & Nutrition Foundation (BCFN).
Hayley Simmons, Head of Merchandising at Magnet, says of the research:
“We can already see that those initiatives that are creative and incorporate technology in their approach are proving to be the most successful at whittling down food waste numbers. It shows that by being more accessible, people feel more accountable for the food that they end up throwing away. Something as simple as being more aware of expiry dates and resisting the urge to buy additional food when we have a fridge full is a small change that can have a massive impact.”

Where is your country on the food waste scale? If you are proud, you can keep it on the right track by reading our article about easy tips to reduce it! And if you feel left behind… Well read our article How to reduce food waste at home too, to start making a change:
Food waste at home
And because our community is always the best, full of Meisters, discover some of the tips they shared with us !

Tip 1 from the UrbanMeisters community

food waste home

Tip 2 from the UrbanMeisters community

food waste home

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