Urbanmeisters, welcome once again to Tanja’s Eco Chic where our green fashion and lifestyle meister Tanja handpicks eco fashion brands and trends for you in the first week of every month. Our green fashionista Tanja hopes to show you that sustainable fashion and lifestyle options are chic and stylish. This month we feature a lifestyle trend that’s taken on the world in a big positive way!
According to UNESCO data, there are 3 million of them in France, 20 million in the US and the numbers are growing progressively. Michelle Obama switched to it, Justin Trudeau does it with flair and Anna Dello Russo is it’s biggest fan! And chances are so is your neighbour! Wondering what are we talking about? Bingo! Yes, it’s Yoga!
For this month’s feature we were lucky to get for you the beautiful Selene Urban- a true Meister at Yoga who gives us the exclusive scoop on her Top 4 yoga brands and tells us why Yoga is the natural passage to sustainable living.


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Selene has Columbian roots and has lived in many different corners of the world. Growing up in India, Yoga came to her in a very organic and natural way. After her inspiring trip to Bali in 2015, she became a certified Yoga teacher at the High Vibe Yoga institute. Today, she offers Yoga classes in the beautiful German city of Munich. The aim of her creative website Chandralactic and social media channels is to inspire others to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, as well as to offer live stream Yoga sessions.
Over to Selene!

In what ways has Yoga shaped your life?

Selene: My Yoga journey started at the age of 12 in India. Watching my mother practice asanas, I had a lot of fun copying her Yoga poses. Afterwards, I let Yoga guide me in each place that I moved to. Living between Eastern and Western cultures, Yoga is far more than just a physical activity – but a whole way of living. For me, Yoga is about awareness of the self and the world around us, as well as the ability to change thought patterns.

What are your favourite sustainable Yoga brands?

Selene: Oh, I have so many! But these are my Top 4:

1. Mandala

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I am absolutely in love with the Yoga pants by the German Yoga brand Mandala. They are not only 100% fair-trade but also feel and look great with their fun patterns. After 15 years experience in ethical Yoga fashion, the Mandala team knows that the perfect fit for Yogis means getting rid of scratching labels or disturbing stitches. My personal favourite is the French Flower Print.

2. Yogi Company

Next up is Yogi Company, a start-up from Berlin. I chose this brand because I admire its simplicity; these products are truly for everyone! They often combine basics with a Yoga-inspired print, such as the Indian elephant god, Ganesha. All their fashion items are made out of organic cotton and are toxic free, which is not only good for you but also for the environment! I shouldn’t forget to mention that all the patterns are printed in Germany. During the winter months, it’s very difficult for me to get out of my Yogi Company Onesie!
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Remember UrbanMeisters, we gave you the lowdown on why should one choose organic cotton brands in our feature on the organic cotton InnerWear brand Mighty Good Underwear from Australia.

3. Nintaanzi

This wonderful brand sells spiritual beads, also known as Malas. According to the native Peruvian community called Ashaninka, Nintaanzi is the mystical expression of positive thinking and the respect to nature. This German Yoga jewellery company supports Ashaninka women in Peru that create these handmade and one of a kind Malas. In so doing, Nintaanzi ensures that the Ashaninka artisans can free themselves from economic dependency while celebrating a part of their tradition with the use of sustainable material. I personally have an orange Mala that is charged with good energy. These beads definitely make me feel rooted!
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4. Hey Honey

A brand with a name that sounds so sweet that you are bound to fall head over heels right away! Honey, bee, sky, hooray! I don’t actually have many things from Hey Honey , but I have only heard good things about this Hamburg-based label. Hey Honey loves Pineapple prints and spoils us with a tropical joie de vivre, colours from India and eye-popping patterns from California. In addition, this label takes ethical principles very seriously, striving for the highest standards. All Hey Honey items are 100% free from animal-derived ingredients and ethically manufactured in Turkey, certified with OEKOTEX Standard 100.
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That’s Selene’s pick of TOP 4 Yoga Wear brands for you. But she has more for us on why Yoga wear.

Why is it important for you to practice Yoga in a sustainable Yoga clothes?

Selene: For me, Yoga means awareness. And I like to be aware of what I’m wearing. Connecting with your inner self without any bad thoughts about toxic materials in clothes or where my Yoga attire is made is very significant to me. I live according to ahimsa – causing no harm to living beings in anything I do. Also, it might be coincidence, but the cut by ethical Yoga companies just suits me better, too.

In what ways do you lead a conscious lifestyle aside from Yoga?

Selene: For the last 3 years, I have opted for a vegan diet. Also, I have cut down my consumption of plastic bottles – I never buy them. I try to go to more organic stores and spend a lot of time outdoors. I love the nature around Munich! Practicing Yoga outdoors allows me to connect to nature and recharge my batteries.
We totally endorse practicing fitness regimes outdoor being avid outdoor runners ourselves! But pollution is a major killjoy. Read 5 tips that will ensure you have a safe outdoor run .

What are your suggestions to stay green with a busy schedule?

Selene: I’m not going to lie – It definitely takes more time in terms of thought processes, finding information and going for the right option. You need devotion. UrbanMeisters is definitely a fantastic platform to find useful information about easy access to a green lifestyle! My suggestion is to stand firmly behind what you believe in and what makes you feel good in your own skin!

United Nations declared 21st June International Yoga Day. Your thoughts on this?

Selene: It’s definitely wonderful that the idea of a Yogi lifestyle is spreading, bringing awareness to those that don’t know Yoga yet. It’s so important to do something for yourself. However, when I think of all the different Yoga ‘trends’ that exist, I’m not entirely sure that people choose to do Yoga for the right reasons. It’s similar to the H&M Conscious collection. Whether this clothing line is truly ethical is debatable. But at least it’s starting a conversation!

Last but not least, tell us more about your Yogi name Chandralactic!

Selene: Chandra is my spiritual name. In Sanskrit, it means moon. It’s such a coincidence, because so does Selene. The idea behind Chandralactic is to invite people to the Chandra galaxy – A space where you can be free, conscious and creative!
The passion for Yoga runs in the family! For eco-friendly Yoga mats, check out my cousin’s trendy American brand By Vivid’s Stay Fresh Collection. Made out of natural rubber, these unique antibacterial mats have great health benefits, as they are tested to prevent 99.9% of bacteria and directly absorb the sweat from your Yoga workout. The materials that make up this incredible Yoga product are 100% eco-friendly and manufactured in a Taiwanese factory that is ISO9001 listed. In addition, they are free from toxic, dioxins and heavy metals, which in turn makes them 100% recyclable, as well!
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Thank you Selene Urban, Martin Holzner, Hey Honey Yoga and By Vivid for the visuals!
That’s it for now, my green urbanmeisters! I hope your Yoga workout will be even more fun with these great eco Yoga fashion brands. Don’t forget to leave comments, suggestions, recommendations below or mail us at contact@urbanmeisters.com

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