Today’s special from is a Green Paris Guide featuring 5 local green hotspots making sustainable living in the city accessible and easy. And we do this with the help of an amazing green Paris guide mobile app- One Heart Spots. Let us first introduce you to the newest geo-tracking app sensation on the block and our partners for this feature- One Heart Spots and then we feature the 5 green ‘SPOTS’ chosen exclusively for our readers by One Heart!
Paris is a city of dreams and one of the most visited cities in the world. The lazy afternoons spent soaking in the sun at Jardin des Tuileries reading a book by the fountain or the fun picnics at Bois de Bologne. The romantic evenings spent walking along Seine or an exciting night sojourn partying in Marais! You have countless guides in the market telling you all the #ThingsToDo, all #MustSee spots and every #MustEat delicacy. But what we have for you today is the ultimate Green Paris Guide that will help you enjoy this city in never seen before way! And Parisians, this guide is even better for you. It’s your best ‘go to’ option for green living spots in the city!
Presenting the One Heart Spots Mobile App that will surely transform your city experience into a GREEN one. Fashion, food, fitness, business, beauty- name it and One Heart Spots has a GREEN SPOT for you! Go on rediscover a Green Paris!

A green Paris on your mobile with One heart spots

Hungry for an organic meal UrbanMeister?
Wanting to consume local?
Need to get rid of your old computer? Some furniture or clothes?
Need a Spa to relax?
Would like to donate blood?
You feel like doing something fun and meaningful and around your place?
Well what’s making you wait? Ah! Not knowing HOW or WHERE to! Well One Heart Spots mobile app solves this problem for you in the simplest way. By geo-tracking your whereabouts and throwing up closest ‘GREEN’ spots in your vicinity depending on what you want to do. So now at the touch of your finger you can find all GREEN HOTSPOTS of Paris. The wait is over UrbanMeisters!
Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.25.01 pm

What is the One heart spots App?

We’re always on the look out for tools and ideas that make urban green living easy, fun and achievable. And so we came across One Heart Spots mobile app that works exactly towards this vision- the perfect tool for leading an urban green life!
Designed and developed by the One Heart Communication, this amazing concept is a geo-tracking device developed into a website, widget and finally a mobile app. Launched in November 2014, the One Heart Spots app offers the service of geolocation to index and highlight initiatives of responsible consumption and solidarity. It was built on the insight that people want to act in a responsible way but do not necessarily know how to go about it. Who knows that better than us at! It’s been our mission to make green living easy and fun for our readers. And One Heart Spots is our perfect comrade in this mission.
This amazing new app has been developed by One Heart Communication which develops technical solutions to facilitate and support the media coverage of all positive and innovative initiatives undertaken by citizens, companies or non-profit organizations. Laure Drevillon, the founder, first launched a web tv aimed at putting forward positive initiatives from charitable organisations. One Heart wanted to make sure that people were not simply spectators of positive initiatives. They had to become actors of change. Today, it is a social media platform that acts on the spot and meets foundations to enquire about their main needs and puts them into touch with several social actors.
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How does One heart spots App work?

Geo-tracking is quite the rage out there these days. We all download multiple apps on our phone to enjoy the various benefits of geo-tracking like maps, transport services, dining and other experiences based on recommendations. In fact every app nowadays has some ‘function’ attached to geo-tracking. One Heart app tracks a user’s geo location to propose committed green hotspots in the city based on where they are. The app also displays a system of push notifications that puts forward discounts or short-lived events related to spots.
Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.28.48 pm
The app, available in both iOS & Android versions, displays 19 categories: disabled accessibility, bars, beauty, food, health and safety, clothes and shoes, sports, services, shopping, restaurants, collection points, recycling, leisure, mobility, hotels, fair trade, environment and bio. So far you have to pay for the ‘push notifications on discounts and special events’ service, but the app is entirely free for both users and traders. This is green living in all spheres made so accessible to you urbanmesiters! A very powerful tool to help make green living MISSION POSSIBLE. It enables and empowers you to act responsibly and live ethically. They just launched the 3rd version of One Heart Spots and things are now getting bigger with their plans to develop it at an international scale tracking more cities. The innovative app has caught the attention of many with recommendations by RATP – the world’s 5th largest public transport company which virtually runs Paris city! One Heart is also present on JCdecaux smart screens at bus shelters through out in Paris. They were covered by Marie de Paris in their official press release regarding the above.

What are One heart ‘spots’?

All initiatives, shops, events and set ups that help you act and consume responsibly, ethically, sustainably in everyday life! A spot is a place enabling everyone to take action or consume responsibly according to their needs and interests. One Heart Spots app maps all the green goodness of your city and makes it accessible to you.
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Who is the One heart App for?

This app is not only a way to rediscover a green Paris and get to know the eco-friendly and ethical hotspots of the city, even sustainable and local ethical business owners and organisations have a lot to benefit from it. It’s a platform to make your set-up accessible to thousands of people out there who might want to consume responsibly but are not aware of you! It’s a fantastic opportunity to be discovered and grow your organisation. It is also an innovative platform to forge links and develop partnerships with local actors.
Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.50.22 pm
With the One Heart app you can localise the spots to act and consume in a responsible way around you, take advantage of benefit vouchers, list and share with your friends your favourite spots. All with a simple click! Isn’t it just the perfect way to combine fun with meaningful acts?!


How does One heart App feature locations?

The One Heart team proactively spots ethical businesses, events, locations and references them on their website/ app. But don’t think it’s just a mere surface research. They make sure the spots featured in the app are green by checking on their website, facebook pages, by looking up into various magazines, user reviews of people who’ve visited and most importantly by directly asking questions to the people concerned or running the show. One Heart Spots is also a collaborative tool- anyone can add a spot and the team then goes out to check it thoroughly and then confirms it.
This is a truly innovative concept through which everyone can help in maximizing the reach and social impact of ethical organisations and initiatives. You urbanmeisters can not only consume responsibly with ease but also take part in spreading the goodness by using the app and encouraging such initiatives.
And just to give you a taste of One Heart Spots « awesomeness », here are 5 GREEN HOTSPOTS the One Heart Team has put together exclusively for us. Each of these have been chosen as they are perfect examples of green spots in each category – shopping, dining, hotel, environment and leisure. They advocate a green way of life and demonstrate that it really is simple to become a ‘greenie’ in everyday life without going radical or overhauling your lifestyle. The One Heart team met the people behind the initiatives and found that they are really invested in what they do. All the 5 spots featured share a common vision: to contribute in protecting the environment and spreading green vibes!


1. Green factory- Shopping for indoor plants for a beautiful home

Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 11:30am-7:30pm; Sunday 11:30am -6pm. Closed on Monday and Tuesday. Address: 17 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris


2. Macadam & Tournesol- Ethical Shopping destination

Opening hours : Tuesday-Saturday 12am-2pm ; 3pm-6pm. Address: 9 Rue Française, 75002 Paris


3. Le bichat- A wholesome & healthy dinig experience

Opening hours : 7 days a week 9am – 11pm. Address: 11 Rue Bichat, 75010 Paris

4. La Ressourcerie Créative- Helping reuse & recycle

Opening hours: Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday – Saturday 11am –  7pm. Address: 82 Avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris


5. Solar Hotel- Stay green in Paris

Address: 22 Rue Boulard, 75014 Paris
So go on Parisians and tourists both, enjoy these 5 green hot spots and download the One Heart app on your mobile TODAY to enjoy more of such green goodness! We’re really looking forward for more green guides to other cities like London, New York, Berlin and many more so that all our readers can access and enjoy easy green living. And don’t forget to review the places for us in comments below or mail us at
Here’s to a GREEN & GLORIOUS Paris with the One Heart app!
(All images sourced from One Heart Team)

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