The COP 21 Paris Agreement – a landmark accord signed in 2015 by roughly 190 nations that seeks to reduce the world’s carbon emissions – is at stake with President Trump all in to pull out of it. Thankfully however there’s ample pressure to keep him in with the #WeAreStillIn movement – corporates uniting to keep him in with the agreement.
But while it’s easy to raise a finger at the President, have we all evaluated our own individual impact and what we are doing to fight climate change? Like we repeatedly say, it’s not about activism, it’s about small acts. One of the biggest contributor to air pollution is vehicular emissions. And it’s an area for all of us to do all we can in our individual capacities. We can all make small efforts to make sure we commute in our cities in as ecofriendly ways as possible and drive green:

While there are options to car-pool, use bikes or public transport, majority of us do own cars & will continue to upgrade. So how do we make sure every mile we drive, we drive green? SUVs have become quite an international craze. But did you know that they’re really non eco-friendly. SUVs are eco-enemies because they’re both gas guzzlers and emission machines generating much pollution. Most of them are diesel powered which actually is one of the worst polluters. Diesel powered cars are most wanted in a lot of countries due to this fuel being cheaper than gas/ petrol. These have also been pushed through a lot of tax subsidies in countries like France.
One of the options to drive green is definitely to own an electric vehicle which an expert guest writer explained to us. Not only are the new models fancy (who doesn’t dream of a Tesla!!) but increasingly more and more brands are introducing stylish electric variants for all budgets. Additionally, governments too are helping by introducing more electric charging stations.
Here’s what you can do to make sure every mile you cover, you drive green. We bring to you an easy-to-understand infographic in collaboration with Select Car Leasing to help you go green on the go!

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