We feature a handy and convenient infographic on smart steps you can take to make your kitchen plastic free.
Plastic pollution is not a big industrial level problem that can’t be solved by us. It’s the everyday use plastic in houses, at offices, in shops, restaurants and hotels that is causing a big damage. Only 14% of the plastic produced is recycled and the rest turns up in overburdened landfills or worse still the oceans. According to a recent research by Ocean Conservancy, plastic bags are fast overtaking cigarette butts in ocean trash and plastic trash is a big threat to aquatic life. And, last year, a report for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimated that, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!
Various organisations have started initiatives to approach the plastic problem from a product development and innovation point of view. New Plastics Economy by Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an ambitious 3yr initiative convening key stakeholders to rethink and redesign the global plastics economy. Endorsed by 40+ industry leaders, it aims to devise a global action plan to transition towards a plastics system that works, to create less waste and is in keeping with principles of Circular Economy (where everything can be repurposed). The organisation is calling for entries for the NPEC Innovation Prize to find a plastics system which is practical & applicable in a modern world that is heavily dependent on this material. This is an acute need of the hour with predictions of plastic use doubling in the next 20 years adding to the huge burden on environment. Innovation & development in this area is a must but how can we contribute at an individual level?
While we all get alarmed by facts and figures, we find it difficult to cut plastic from everyday life- that’s how dependent we are on this multipurpose and convenient material especially kitchen plastic. But it’s not as difficult as you may think!
Our founder Mirela Orlovic’s comprehensive guide to cutting plastic from everyday life is handy, easy to follow and eases you into a plastic free life. Another big area of everyday plastic trash that we’ve covered is PET bottles examining if drinking out of plastic bottles was safe. Today we give examine how to reduce kitchen plastic and use alternatives in everyday life with an easy to understand infographic by partner Quill.com. Smart, handy and convenient way to learn how to make your kitchen plastic free.

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