Leisure wear is the new black. All day styles that can double up as athletic wear or everyday fashion are the latest trend. Luxury versions of leisure clothes have occupied a niche of fashion for decades now but one doesn’t find much to be excited about in the realm of everyday fashion. In fact we all struggle to find leisure wear that checks all the boxes of comfort and style. It either tends to be super comfortable and downright sloppy. Or a total style statement with an exorbitant price tag- Juicy Couture anyone? So what if we told you we’ve found the perfect leisure wear brand that is extremely comfortable, super sexy and… wait for it… sustainable too! Presenting PonyBabe- a sustainable fashion label from New York making the most comfortable and stylish everyday fashion.

Green, Comfy & Sexy Leisure Wear from PonyBabe

PonyBabe is an ethical fashion label with a passion for leisure wear and everyday fashion. They use only ec-friendly textiles and manufacture at a fair wage factory in Brooklyn, NY, USA. Founded by Rachel Fernbach, PonyBabe has just started a KickStarter campaign to raise funds for production of it’s very first collection THE 24 HOUR OUTFIT.
We’re very excited to feature Rachel in a MEET THE FOUNDER feature soon on UrbanMeisters.com! Sustainable entrepreneurs always have us bowled over but we struck a special chord with her. We share her vision of challenging the staid notions of eco-fashion being boring and proving to everyone that sustainable fashion can be sexy too! But more on that in our other feature coming soon.
A commitment to ethics, sustainability, and transparency is the heart of this brand and that is why they share their supply chain details in their manifest.
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The first collection is made of a super soft blend of  55% organic cotton and 45% bamboo, two fibers that have a reduced environmental impact, when compared to conventional, mass-market options. And if you’re gagging at bamboo the you just have to feel the fabric to believe it! It is truly soft and feels amazing on the body. The fabric is sourced from Kendor Textiles, a company that is committed to sustainable practices. Even the elastic for the pants is made in USA- sourced from Trim Lab, a New York City-based supplier that caters to small fashion labels.


Completely manufactured in Brooklyn, New York, USA. PonyBabe has partnered with Dynotex, a leading production facility for better-market knitwear. They are supportive of independent designers, and have been a fixture in the New York City fashion industry for over 16 years.



The brand believes in being sustainable through and through and as such favours recycled, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly products for everything from clothing labels and hangtags, to mailers and shipping stickers. At every step of the business, they have opted for choices that create less waste.

The 24 Hour Outfit Collection: Leisure Wear at it’s best

PonyBabe’s first collection is called ‘The 24 Hour Outfit’ and consists of a wrap, racer-back tank top, cardigan and pants- all meant to be mixed, matched, and worn on repeat. The styles are designed to fit on the relaxed side. The XS/S/M/L sizing range allows you to size up or down depending on the amount of ease you prefer. The styles in soft soft neutral colours can integrate seamlessly into an established wardrobe or be worn on their own with ease too. And though they may appear simple, all styles are finished with luxury details, including fine binding.  The pants have 36 individual delicate pleats that are marked and sewn by hand!
Each piece in the collection has been designed with function in mind, and finished with details that ensure a beautiful presentation.
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The pants are gathered with 36 delicate pleats (18 in front, 18 in back.)  This luxurious detail guarantees that they can be dressed up or down. In addition, the ankle cuffs keep your pant legs from dragging, and also make yoga class a tangle-free experience.
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The Racer-back Tank Top is finished with a stitched binding, which helps to prevent the neck and armholes from stretching out. The racer silhouette means that you won’t be pulling your straps up all day. This one stays put as a base layer or as a workout top.
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The cardigan has an ample shawl panel that can be styled in so many different ways: loose and open, tied in front or back, or draped across the neck. It can also double up as a nursing cover.
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The wrap has a stitched edge and don’t get fooled by it’s lightweight look and feel- it’s surprisingly warm.
Of course PonyBabe had us at sexy sustainable fashion but what also struck us about the range was the wearability and multi use of the styles- they’re ideal for travel, yoga, expecting moms or just for lounging about in ease!


Like we mentioned earlier, PonyBabe has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter to raise money to fund it’s first production run and launch the label with a strong start.
So we urge you to participate in the campaign and help get this super comfy and sexy sustainable leisure wear brand on it’s feet. In exchange for your pledge, you’ll receive the styles shown here at below-retail value.  Your investment contributes directly to the growth of a more sustainable fashion industry! So spread the word and share the campaign with more people.
The brand also has a special pre-launch deal for all subscribers to its newsletter- all PonyBabe email newsletter subscribers will receive exclusive access to steeply discounted pre-sales when new styles are ready for market. PonyBabe recognizes that the price tag of ethical fashion can often be a reason for customers to feel that they have no choice but to opt out. So their aim is to lower the barrier to entry, and to make better, fairer options available to more people.
Well PonyBabe certainly checks all boxes in our list: great style, extreme comfort, sustainable fashion and ethical business practices. We can’t wait for the products to hit the market and hand now over to the founder Rachel to tell you more about her KickStarter campaign:

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