Fresh off our #GreenTrendSpotting radar today is the plastic recycling start-up- The Plastic Factory. At, it is all about spotting the latest green trend out there for our readers trying to make green living mission possible! As such we’re always on the look out for up-to-date sustainable lifestyle trends- be it a green product hunt or the trendiest eco-fashion label or information on green issues from around the world! We keep it fresh, easy and accessible to you at all times. And this time we’re giving you an exclusive peek into a green venture that has just kickstarted crowd sourcing campaign on Indiegogo. Presenting The Plastic Factory- a sustainable business start-up that is set to change the way we look at plastic recycling.


Yes Plastic recycling is a big deal readers, because by now we know we’re weak when it comes to plastic consumption. The two things that truly dominate the world today in our opinion are Nutella & Plastic. Jokes apart, plastic is one of the biggest modern day discoveries which has not only revolutionised industry and design but also the way things are consumed in daily life. But plastic pollution is also one of the biggest menace to the environment.
With much scientific advancement and green activism and consciousness, we’ve rallied around the cause of controlling plastic pollution with efforts like curbing single use plastic consumption, better and safer plastic production to prevent health issues and  new more accessible modes plastic recycling. In fact the latter is crucial in the fight against plastic pollution. Bust despite all the  effort to make used plastic collection and recycling more mainstream, majority of our plastic ends up lying waste in land fills and even beaches. The key is to make plastic recycling accessible, rewarding & fun- and that’s the USP of The Plastic Factory.

The Plastic Factory- a small plastic recycling venture with a big heart

Plastic pollution is a growing problem in our world today. Sadly you can find plastic waste in all the wrong places. Our oceans, beaches, parks and streets are being polluted with plastic waste and its not just an unpleasant sight. A single plastic item can take up to 500 years to fully decompose. This makes plastic waste a huge danger to wildlife, natural habitat and also adversely effect our own lives.
The Plastic Factory is founded by Wendy Hartog – a young a creator with a green mind based in Amsterdam. Her love for nature and wildlife was one of the main reasons that motivated her to start her plastic recycling project. With the help of designer Dave Hakkens’ open source recycling machines venture- Precious Plastics, Wendy has started a small plastic recycling factory. The plan is to reduce plastic pollution at a local level by boosting plastic recycling. The Plastic Factory believes that preventing improper disposal of plastic waste is the first step in decreasing plastic pollution.

How it works?

Why is this venture so different you ask? Well for starters it makes plastic recycling more accessible to local communities. But more on that later. The other great thing about it is how it makes plastic recycling more rewarding and fun to ensure wider and enthusiastic participation from people! The community can donate their own plastic waste from home or waste that they find on the streets, in the park, on the beach etc. to the factory. In return they will get rewarded for their donation. The venture believes that by giving value to plastic waste, improper disposal will decrease and nature clean ups will be stimulated.
And that’s not all. From the donated plastic, The Plastic Factory will create longterm daily use products, mostly home accessories and small furniture. These unique products will be sold in The Plastic Factory online store. So you not only receive value of your plastic waste but see it get up-cycled into something more.
Now back to accessibility. Wendy’s dream is to set up small plastic recycling factories all over the world and the set-up she works with makes this dream mission possible! Wendy has the vision and drive to make The Plastic Factory a success,  cleaning up the planet, educating people and creating job opportunities!
The plan is to take to the floor immediately and funding is needed to make this project a reality. The Plastic Factory will be raising capital via crowdfunding and they have just launched the campaign on Indiegogo here. So help this green venture find it’s feet and in the meantime, try and keep the PLASTICS from completely taking over the world!
(Thank you The Plastic Factory for all the images used in the article. )

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