Music is food for the soul they say- an extraordinary experience that moves the most stoic of human beings. How we experience music and sound becomes crucial to enhancing it’s appeal. Today’s Product Hunt features Hazang, creator of state-of-the-art bamboo sound speakers handcrafted in Vietnam. The green product is a winning combination of quality performance, skilled design and ethical manufacturing. Like we say, great design and green design are not different things and this product is proof of that!


‘Green living’ makes most people think of pollution fighting, eco-fashion or organic food! But in reality just about all realms of lifestyle and all industry can be made sustainable. And expanding the boundaries of sustainable conversation, we always bring you sustainable lifestyle news, products and projects that go beyond food, fashion and pollution like art, fitness, technology etc! Today we foray into technology combined with green design to deliver music to your green ears with Hazang bamboo speakers.
Founded by Bruno Chandon, Hazang was built on the principle of reviving craftsmanship in combination with ethical production. The story of the Hazang is just as interesting as the product. Bruno Chandon, an engineer by training with a passion for audio design and mechanics, fell in love with Vietnam while travelling here two years ago. He stayed in the picturesque Hà Giang (that’s where the name Hazang comes from) region of North Vietnam: a wonderful place of green mountains, paddy fields and bamboo forests.
Staying in a village known for its traditional craftsmanship of coiling bamboo that is used for making bowls and vases for generations, Bruno became inspired to find a way to support these craftsmen and this art by creating a more valuable product. Thus was born the idea of combining this beautiful craftsmanship and sustainable material with technology.
“Hazang is for me primarily the choice of passion, to innovate with some nice products, with the help of fascinating people, by doing something with a positive impact on our world” says founder Bruno. Clearly a labour of love and passion, Hazang is a young, creative and original brand with deep respect for ethical production and Vietnamese traditional craft. Mass assembly line production has more or less killed true craftsmanship and cottage industries worldwide. And with it have gone the times when a product would be a labour of love, an embodiment of personality, quality and beauty. Hazang’s mission is to help rediscover the love of handcrafted goods combined with technology and green design and their Bamboo Speakers are the perfect combination of these elements. 
Vietnamese craftmanship


Hazang and Hazang Bé are the two Bluetooth speaker models, handmande with bamboo in Vietnam. They combine craftsmanship with naturally sourced sustainable materials and high-quality components to create a superior music experience. Each Hazang speaker is entirely hand crafted and takes several weeks to create. The whole process requires very few tools but the extremely detailed eye and attention of a skilled craftsman.  
All raw materials used to produce these speakers are sustainable and ethical.  The speakers are made out of the wonder sustainable material bamboo- a plant known for being one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, with some species growing up to a metre a day. Not only is it considered to be a renewable resource, bamboo also consumes 30% more CO2 than wood. This bamboo is then moulded by using the traditional Vietnamese art of ‘coiling’ to produce wonderful round forms that are further refined to create perfect sound quality. The speaker looks and sounds beautiful with the use of this technique of coiling. Furthermore, the fabric used to cover the speaker is natural hemp– hand-woven by the ethnic group of Hmong in the North Vietnam. Behind each speaker, there is a local craftsmen family whose lives are enriched thanks to their craftsmanship. Hazang gives us all an opportunity to admire and appreciate this amazing handicraft whilst truly experiencing sound and music as they should be.
While speaker body is handcrafted in Vietnam, on the technology front too Hazang is a cutting edge product using quality components and expertise of renowned audio specialists La Maison du Haut Parleur in Paris to offer an incredible audio experience, making the bamboo sound like never before. The speakers are completely equipped with modern functionalities, Bluetooth enables and battery operated. The idea is to bring to the market, products that not only have superior technology and quality but also have a story in them- a story of generations of craftsmanship, handiwork and natural sustainable resources. Something that is completely missing from mass production set-ups.
Since it’s handcrafted, each speaker is unique, and you can see behind each slice of bamboo and small details the hand of its creator. As its a natural material, the color changes subtly over time.


After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter this summer, Hazang went into production and selling of it’s bamboo speakers. Currently the range consists of two models:
Hazang product range

Hazang Bé

which is ideal for desks and shelves (to the left in above pic). This is the more compact of the two speakers, and it includes a battery for more mobility inside the house. Using a 60W amp and a 2 way audio design (full range and tweeter), it offers superior quality compared to what’s available on the Bluetooth market in this range. It is especially good for voices and acoustic reproductions. Tech specs:

  • 2 way (3inch full range + tweeter)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 + AUX
  • Battery (up to 15 hours at 50% of the full power)
  • 60W Class D amplifier
  • Size & Weight: Diameter 21 cm,  2 kg

COST: Euro 295 + International shipping


which is perfect for the living room (to the right in above pic). This is the larger speakerof the range, with enough power to fill your living room with extraordinary music and sound. For sure it will be seen and heard from far! With it’s bi-amplification and active crossover technology, it is an all-rounder that will enhance any music you play. Tech specs:

  • 2 way (5inch woofer + tweeter)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 + AUX
  • 2×50 W Class D amplifier with active crossover
  • Size & Weight: Diameter 28 cm,  3 kg

COST: Euro 295 + International shipping
Both speakers come covered with natural cover in hemp in the following four colours : Natural, Hazel, Terracota, Slate.

Where to buy?

You can buy this amazing green product on their website: – they have limited production for the first edition available for Christmas. The consumer response so far has been very encouraging – ‘beyond expectation’ as Bruno calls it. So the brand is already working on it’s next steps.
Get up close & personal with the product and it’s making on this video here:
Hazang video
It’s truly amazing how sustainable products are breaking the barriers of technology and design and becoming more sophisticated and competitive to mainstream products. Hazang Bamboo Speakers bring out the best in quality, design, functionality and sustainability to make a truly extraordinary music experience.
Credit Video / Pictures : Daniel Renard –


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