Climate change and Christmas gifting. Odd combination you think? We thought so too till we came across TreeEra. We all know Christmas gifting is hard one to crack! For most of us it’s a question of what to gift someone who already has it all? Clothes, jewellery, watches, phones….even a birthday can suffice for that. For Christmas it has to be special, feel-good and full of hope. So how about gifting them the ability to offset their carbon footprint this year by planting trees? TreeEra does that for you.
TreeEra is a Canadian organisation that runs a subscription based tree planting to offset carbon emissions by individuals. It was founded on a very simple principle that taking action against climate change will only be possible if things are made easy to do and fun to follow. A reality that was founded on as well- make urban green living MISSION POSSIBLE. So let’s find out what this wonderful organisation has in store for us this Christmas but first let’s understand their take on climate change.
Climat change
Designed by artist Van Charles. Photo by Rocky.

Do you ever feel guilty about climate change?

What does one usually feel about climate change? Guilty or nervous? Or is it more like the feeling you get when you see the engine light has been on for a while but everything seems fine and car seems to be moving just right. Our bet is that if you feel stronger about the effects of climate change than that; you feel slightly more anxious than say when your brake light has been on for a while! Don’t get us wrong- we’re not downplaying climate change because the reality is that a lot is wrong. We’re just holding up the mirror to you about your belief or denial of it. It’s rather akin to Pascal’s wager- after all we humans are literally betting with our lives whether climate change is real or not knowing fully well the result is our extinction if the we’re wrong! Pascal was smart to argue that a rational person should live as though God exists and seek to believe in God because this would be a win-win. If true, the person would reap the benefits of this belief and if not then well you got nothing to lose. But when it comes to climate change somehow we feel ancient philosophy is not going to cut the job for us. After all Elon musk is still working on the solution to our gas car, but until then we don’t see ourselves walking in the cold.
The worst part is that it’s only one thing on a long list of things we don’t see ourselves not doing in the near future.
Much like ignoring to check the engine light, it won’t impact us until it does.
All around the world people understand the risks associated with not acting on climate change. So much so that leaders of the world came together in Paris during COP21 to renew one of the most ambitious attempts at curbing carbon emissions. Think of that as your old-school dad telling you to get back in the car and figure out why the engine light is on. The problem here is you know nothing about cars much like the average person knows very little about how they can have an effect on climate change. Of course, we know reduce, reuse, recycle and that walking is better than driving but these things require us to go out of our day to day routines. Therefore, we default to inaction and hope that our old-school dad will fix the car for us. The reality is our government must lead the charge on the big changes but it is all our responsibility to make small differences that will ultimately add up in the long run. 
This becomes increasingly true with the recent elections in the US. There is more uncertainty than ever around what the government will do(if anything at all) to curb the effects of climate change. Unfortunately, the world cannot vote for what the biggest carbon emitting country will do about climate change but we must not forget that every dollar we spend is a vote for the type of world we want. We spend our dollars every day on things that produce a carbon footprint, some of these things are necessary evils. You might work across town and need a car to get to work, you may travel on a regular basis for work, you may just like to enjoy juicy 12 oz steak. Realistically you have some things that are not so vital and these are okay as well. The truth is if affecting climate change is too difficult to do nobody is going to do it.

Tree-Era helps you battle climate change in a small easy way……

TreeEra’s founders both felt this sentiment when thinking of climate change. Michael an accomplished musician travels from show to show but wanted a way to take himself off the sidelines in the battle against climate change. Ryan an accomplished business professional who travels across North America several times a week for business. Both drive their SUV’s and still like to eat steak but understand that something needs to be done. A sentiment shared by the whole TreeEra team.
TreeEra Team
TreeEra aims to make that daunting task of battling climate change seem a little bit easier to stomach. With a monthly subscription, we plant trees on your behalf and you can automate your impact. 20$ a month gets you 200 trees a year in your name. One tree alone can offset up to 26,000 miles of driving in one year. This is more than the average yearly driving distance. If one tree can have that effect then imagine the impact 200 will have, all without having to pop the hood on your car!
Eco friendly Xmas gift
TreeEra is also running a special non-subscription holiday campaign promoting the planting of 25 Trees in the name of someone you love. What better Christmas gift for the special people in your life than the gift of life itself- the ability to nurture and care for nature?! This is a socially responsible gift that is meant to be in the spirit of offsetting all the unavoidable waste that comes with the holiday season- trees, packaging, travel, gifts- all have a carbon footprint. By planting 25 trees, you can provide enough oxygen for 100 people to breathe. TreeEra is aiming to plant 250,000 trees this holiday season, with an aim to decreasing our holiday carbon footprint. You can gift someone this very special and thoughtful gift of planting 25 trees at $30 only here.
Plant a tree
TreeEra’s vision involves you but it also involves the action of businesses. We work with companies of all sizes to provide an easy way to make a measurable difference against any of the environmental impacts that naturally comes with running a business. TreeEra was launched this year and already members around the world in Italy, Australia, Canada and the United States have joined the movement.
We invite you to join the international mission to plant One Billion Trees! Visit and watch the TreeEra video where the team explains it all here:
If you ask us this is exactly what the Christmas spirit is all about. Sharing, caring and giving hope. The hope of ONE BILLION TREES! Merry Green Christmas UrbanMeisters!

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