Earlier this year we had organised a green face off with sustainable blogger Ethical Unicorn. The idea was to find out which of the two European cities – Paris or London  – have a greener & more innovative start up scene. The selection of the green start-ups that each city represented was inspired by the recommendations and tips from our UrbanMeisters readers.
In our UrbanMeisters top 5 #MadeinParis we presented the innovative concept of the brand Hylla, a shared wardrobe start-up that allows you to rent fashion & attempts to slow down the crazy purchase behavior inspired by fast-changing trends & fast fashion. Our readers fell in love with the innovative model of Hylla that allowed them to  rent fashion pieces & wear latest trends without the negative fallouts of fast fashion.
Today we introduce the two founders of Hylla, Celine & Amandine, on UrbanMeisters.com and they will tell us more about themselves and share with you latest updates of their project. Now let’s welcome the green entrepreneurs!

Celine and Amandine, how did Hylla come to life?

Celine: We met one year ago in Hamburg, Germany. Now we see our first meeting as a coincidence : it was a little bit like the perfect match between a shopping-addict and a bio-addict! At that time, Amandine was writing a fashion blog, specially an article about a German innovative concept called Kleiderei : a shared wardrobe, where you can change your style everyday without overfilling your wardrobe, and rent fashion clothes as much as you like thanks to a monthly subscription.
With the idea of implanting this successful concept in France, I came across Amandine’s article on her blog and that’s how she has met the creative part she was looking to turn her wish into something more concrete. This was like an evidence : that is how we decided to launch Hylla, in August 2015. We’ve started to work on it in September 2015 as soon as we came back to Paris.

Please tell us more about your concept, what is a shared wardrobe?

Amandine: It’s a concept allowing women to rent clothes and fashion accessories thanks to a monthly subscription. It’s THE place for women who wish to change styles daily without over-buying & wasting their wardrobe, nor emptying their wallet. We were honored to be selected in UrbanMeisters Top 5 green startups in June 2016 where we were able to share with you the key highlights of our innovative concept : for us, it represents what fashion is all about: fun, experimentation, sharing, expressing ones own personality and craziness.

What is the big idea behind the concept? Why a shared wordrobe?

Amandine: Hylla is a new way to treat yourself, try out new styles, unique and colourful clothes, without ever getting bored… Great, isn’t it? Hylla is the new way to consume fashion, an economical and sustainable alternative to ready-to-wear overconsumption.
Fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry. In the everything-is-disposable and over-consumption era, Hylla offers a more reasonable, more rational, more sustainable and slower way to consume. Long live slow fashion! The idea is to buy the essential fashion basics and rent the rest more in-trend-now pieces.
Today, Hylla is also an optimistic (never blaming) movement raising awareness about fashion and its impacts. We love talking about fashion alternatives, so let’s get ready for workshops, screenings, debates and other cool events in Paris to exchange views with us!
Moreover, Hylla supports the Fashion Revolution in France. It’s a worldwide initiative which created #whomademyclothes and inspired Hylla to launch its unifying movement : #werentourclothes
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What is the latest news at Hylla?

Celine: There is actually a big big news – we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule! Amandine and I want to grow Hylla bigger and develop our concept with a monthly subscription thanks to a rock-solid e-shop.
And to finance the development of this website, we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule.
For those who support our crowdfunding, the Hylla team will be giving away some cool rewards – home-made totebags and lavender-pockets. Moreover, the contributors will also get to test their e-shop’s beta-version before the other customers.
Thank you to Celine and Amandine for this interview and please dear readers, have a look at their crowdfunding campaign and support this remarkable and sustainable french concept, you’re at the right place : http://www.ulule.com/hylla-penderie-partagee/
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