We take on our old ‘FRENEMY’ Plastic once again with a fabulous new sustainable alternative to plastic straws- BALI-BOO BAMBOO STRAWS. This is one great sustainable alternative to plastic straws which may seem innocuous but are actually one of the biggest causes of ocean pollution! 
Plastic straws are one of the most vile creatures in the single use plastic family! Seemingly harmless and small these are actually an example of colossal waste generated for the most inconsequential convenience as we urbanites have come to expect plastic straws in almost all drinks.
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Single use plastic is an absurdity which can be easily curbed. Plastic waste clogging landfills and harming marine life is a very real problem of sustainability. When talking specifically of plastic straws, given their small size and coupled with their extremely low rate of decomposition- it can take upto 200 years for one straw to decompose- they are a difficult item to re-cycle. Most end up in land fills or as toxic ocean waste which is ingested by marine life. The thing is that we can easily eliminate this problem by saying no to plastic straws. We had earlier brought to you the #OneLessStraw Campaign. And today we have a fabulous new eco-friendly alternative for you after you take that pledge 🙂
Presenting the 100% natural and organic, eco-friendly and re-usable alternative to plastic straws- BALI-BOO BAMBOO STRAWS by sustainable think tank Bali-Boo. It’s made from Bamboo- one of the most sustainable plants on the planet and it can be used over a long period of time.
Baliboo Bamboo Straws
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MEET THE MAKERS: Bali-Boo on saying no to Plastic Straws

We met up the geniuses behind Bamboo Straws- 2 expats living in Bali who came together to form Bali-Boo- a creative think tank dedicated to solving the plastic menace with innovative products. Meet Frédéric (French) & Diego (Spanish) who in their own words live a digital nomad life in Bali. They actually met while renting the same house there! Laid-back but conscientious, the two divide their time diving, surfing, enjoying the Balinese lifestyle and saving the ocean from the plastic menace!

Diego is the founder of Offyclers, a sustainable art e-gallery dedicated to promoting  sustainable and upcycled design and art. Diego is also our regular columnist presenting UrbanMeisters’ monthly SUNDAY GREEN ART DIGEST. Frédéric is a freelance web developer who also runs a diving travel agency. This dynamic duo came together to form Bali-Boo because they saw first hand what plastic does to the ocean.
« Living in Bali, we can see on a daily basis the terrible effects of plastic, and most of all, plastic bags, bottles and straws. Millions of each of these items are used every day and with the lack of proper recycling facilities, the damages made to the environment of the island are terrible. Most of these polluting plastics end up in the rivers, country-side and oceans. Their impact to our environment is horrible and the devastating results can be seen everywhere in the world » they told us. Shocking report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report claims that by year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!
Bali-Boo therefore decided to take action against the damaging impact of non-recycled plastic in everyday consumption by promoting sustainable alternatives to plastic products in everyday use. BALI-BOO BAMBOO STRAWS is the first product from them which sustainably changes the way we consume and also helps in generating work and wealth for local Balinese community.

Is Bamboo the answer to plastic straws?

One of the most sustainable plants on the planet is Bamboo. It replenishes fast- some species grow as fast 1 meter a day! It also holds the soil well and takes up minimal land to grow. It’s a great alternative to wood because its cheap and fast growing. But can it be an alternative to plastic? Yes! Bamboo has mechanical and physical properties that make it a perfectly sustainable alternative to polluting materials, like plastic.
The bamboo used is sourced completely from local families in Bali. The idea is to firstly encourage the use of these straws in the island itself- considering the huge tourist industry in Bali and secondly to support local community by generating employment and market for their bamboo. Bali-Boo pays the local growers and artisans a premium price for these straws to encourage production and use. So in a sense BALI-BOO BAMBOO STRAWS is fair trade (official certification awaited). The type of bamboo used for the straws is locally called Buluh Bamboo, it’s a fast-growing variety that is considered an adult plant in less than 2 years. For the straws the tip of the sprouts is used which also allows for the plant to continue growing without having to cut it down completely.
Diego says, « We could’ve sourced these straws from other places like China, where the market value is extremely lower than the price we are currently paying, but we decided to do it with local families so the wealth created could stay in the island through generating new and more eco-friendly entrepreneurial paths. Plus this way we can ensure that the quality is top, and that we are really selling a product that is not only made sustainably, but that really benefits local communities, versus dodgily sourced bamboo straws from who knows where, which commonly happens when buying such products from places like that…. it ends up being anything but sustainable. »


These special straws are made from bamboo grown on the Balinese mountains and hand made entirely by local artisans. The bamboo used is grown strictly without chemicals or pesticides and in a 100% natural and organic environment. Each straw is cleaned individually without polluting chemicals and toxins inside out. They are steamed for 15 min for sanitisation purposes before being packaged in recycled paper boxes. BALI-BOO BAMBOO STRAWS can be washed and cleaned thoroughly making them reusable and ultimately bio-degradable.  So you see this product is COMPLETELY SUSTAINABLE from start to finish!
Bali-boo bamboo to replace plastic straws

BALI-BOO BAMBOO STRAWS come in packs of 12 straws of 20cm length but of assorted widths so that each straw can be used for different drinks! Narrow straws for soft drinks and cocktails, thicker ones for smoothies, shakes etc. But they can be custom made for you in different dimensions (B2B only). So far only the standardised packs are being sold.

How to clean?

Really easy and convenient to clean the BALI-BOO BAMBOO STRAWS. Choose any of the following methods:

  • Hand-wash with lukewarm water and soap.
  • Put it in the dishwasher.
  • Boil in water for 10 minutes.
  • To sanitise after use: boil with vinegar and water (ratio of 1 of vinegar to 20 of water) for 10 minutes.


Where to shop?


Customer Speak

  • Dominique / France:

« This product fits my expectation. Great workmanship, clean / minimalistic packaging and respect for the environment.
So an excellent quality and price ration. For Xmas this is a very unique gift that will make the whole family happy. I recommend it without hesitation. »

  • Amazon client / France:

« Really a super product, I use it for smoothies, cocktails and all sorts of drinks. The straws are clean and sufficiently big. I recommend them for everybody, they are eco-friendly and this is the most important!! »


UrbanMeisters recommends Bali-Boo Bamboo Straws

We’re always on a green product hunt that fits the urban life with ease and fun. And Bali-Boo Bamboo Straws checks all the green boxes:

  • Sustainable & Ethical: The very first criteria we have. Don’t we all love the beach life? For us a trip to the Mediterranean is a yearly summer pilgrimage! So it’s only fair we contribute to keeping those beaches pristine and save our oceans from plastic. The featured start-up helps you do just that and the product is sustainable from the word go- production to use! 
  • Practical & Easy: We’re all busy bees with little time and much to do. So any product or idea we present has to be practical & easy to do. They must have a realistic fit into our urban lives and help you privilege the time you have with your friends, family, pets or just yourself! Bali-Boo Bamboo Straws helps you switch from everyday plastic use in a very convenient manner. 
  • Cool & Stylish: Loyal readers know how hell bent we are on proving to the world that Sustainable can be Sexy, Ethical can be Edgy and Conscious can be Cool! And Bali-Boo Bamboo Straws are too cool for words. Imagine sipping your Bahama Mama in that cute coconut with your own bamboo straw!

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So we totally recommend this product to all our Urbanmeisters. For more information visit the Bali-Boo Bamboo website here.
UrbanMeisters, we all got #99Problems to deal so let’s make it one less by choosing BAMBOO STRAWS over plastic straws. Buy your pack today!

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