With our partners One Heart Spots App, we present the Green New York Guide- discover green spots in the city of dreams!
Just like for our first edition – the Green Paris Guide featuring 5 local green hotspots – we have teamed up again with One Heart. and compiled the Green New York Guide with 5 sustainability loving NYC hotspots. One Heart Spots geo-tracking app is just what we love: Sustainable living in the city made easy.
One Heart Spots app geotracks you and proposes a variety of green spots basis your location and interest filters. They feature hotspots across 19 categories from bars, beauty, food, health and safety, clothes and shoes, sports, services, hotel&co & what not! These places have been carefully selected by the One Heart team after ensuring these spots offer the best of sustainability in a city. The team takes into account direct interaction with owners, customer reviews, website & social media investigation and other strict checks. In fact once using the app one can even suggest a green hotspot and the team checks it out before entering it into the suggestions on app. It’s a real collaborative tool that makes green living in the city easy and fun for not just the locals who can easily locate green spots around the city but also for tourists who want to experience a place in all its flavours! Finally it’s a big boon for local green entrepreneurs who get a real chance to connect directly with consumers. So let’s roll the Green New York Guide.

Green New York Guide

GREEN SPOT N°1 Recycle-A-Bicycle

To kick-off of the New York series of 5 hot spots, we have chosen this fantastic non-profit organization that repairs old bicycles and sells them again to raise money for youth programs in the city. Bike riding is a naturally sustainable concept that helps control pollution and Recycle-A-Bicycle goes a step further by using sustainability to empower youth!
Recycle-A-Bicycle was first launched as a youth program in 1994. In addition to learning bike mechanics, the young people began to explore their neighbourhoods on a bicycle. Currently, Recycle-A-Bicycle consists of two retail stores, an education workspace, and seven school-based programs. The staff rejuvenates and restores old bikes with the help of hundreds of high school students who come into the shops each year to learn the craft.
Recycle-A-Bicycle is dedicated to the health, development and empowerment of NYC youth. The money collected is used to finance educational programs and environmental education initiatives for young people. On an average, RAB salvages 1.800 bicycles each year from the waste stream, diverting a total of 45.000 pounds / 20.000 kilos of waste from NYC’s landfill.
Opening hours : Monday- Saturday from 12am to 7pm and Sunday from 12am to 5pm
Tel.: 212-475-1655
Adresse: 75 Avenue C, 10009 New York
BICYCLES FOR SALE: To see what bicycles are currently in stock at this location click here.
Special tip by UrbanMeisters on some cycling fun!
1. Check air pollution before you hit the paddle
Before going out on your bike we recommend you check air quality which can vary from day to day and hour to hour. Plumelabs has developed an amazing mobile app that predicts live air quality in over 200 cities world-wide and of course New York is part of it. Get the air quality app here.
2. Protect yourself in style with an air pollution mask
Our favourite picks:

  • Vogmask: a high efficient, comfortable and reusable filtering face mask. They come in lots of colors to fit to our individual style and provide superior protection from PM 2.5 particles, dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants.
  • Le Lys Paris is the option for fashion lovers. The first ever luxury pollution masks hand made from luxe materials by the most experienced luxury goods craftsmen in France.

Click here to read the complete GREEN NEW YORK GUIDE:



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