Local produce is the BIG THING out there in food consumption and we discovered a green paradise in New York City making farm fresh ingredients a very real thing in your kitchen and dining tables! Welcome to the 4th spot on our Green New York Guide with partner One Heart App– Union Square Greenmarket!
We’ve smartened up to food pollution realities in a big way as consumers. It’s not simply about avoiding cholesterol or switching to olive oil.  We’re aware of the health benefits of various new food movements and are actively trying to consume better like organic, vegan, fresh etc. Locally sourced food has become the latest buzzword in supermarkets and restaurants but how true is that ingredient label? Is your parsley or cheese on the grocery store deck really fresh and sourced from the region itself? In the midst of this local food boom, there are real concerns that you may not be getting what you think when you “buy local” at the supermarket. So let’s smarten up about where we get or fresh ingredients and local food from. And one such thriving green hotspot is Union Square Greenmarket in New York!


Green Spot N° 4 Union Square Greenmarket – Say yes to fresh local produce!

The Union Square Greenmarket is a huge open air market where producers and farmers from all over the New York State come to sell their rich, fresh and wholesome produce. You can find fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs and a variety of other products like fish, bread, plants, juice, cheese all 100% organic. This green market aims at promoting regional agriculture and gives an opportunity to producers to sell their local products directly to consumers. And the market sure is a good place to get your supply of healthy, fresh and local sourced produce. A must visit place on the green map not just to buy the offerings but also to experience a thriving, vibrant local flavour in New York City!

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Opening hours : Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday from 8am to 6pm.
Tel.: +1 212-788-7476
Address: 19 Union Square West, 10003 New York

Some pointers from Urbanmeisters while looking at ‘local produce’. 

  • Buy from farmers markets as much as possible as it gives you more transparency and control over what you eat.
  • Buy local seasonal produce as out-of-season offerings are invariably sprayed with chemicals to keep it fresh longer. Also nutritional value is highest when the vegetable / fruit is ripe and buying local in-season food allows you to have access to fresh ripe produce as nature intended.
  • Carry your own eco-friendly grocery bag to the market instead of starting a nasty collection of plastic bags from every vendor.
  • Thoroughly rinse and scrub fruits and vegetables and remove outer leaves of leafy vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage.

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