On the last mile of the COP21 marathon, things  are getting really exciting and UrbanMeisters is in the thick of action all the way! 
SMOKE AND MIRRORS – 2° then came Zeroby50 and now could it be 3?
On Monday we had hoped for more transparency on the going-ons, but this did not really happen. (One of our journalist friends, who had positioned herself in front of the negotiations rooms to get the latest information, has been unable to get any insights. Even the NGOs have no information on the status of negotiations and some of them are getting visibly nervous.) This suspense and lack of information is leading to predictions that the resultant number could be over the 2° target! Even reaching up to 3° degrees of global warming. (To remind you: the 2° limit is seen by experts the maximum that earth can deal with.) This could be a big defeat for all of us.
To circumvent all these rumours, Laurent Fabius, the COP21 president, tried to speed up things. Fabius announced a first intermediary version of the charter to be produced today so that there is a buffer of one day(tomorrow) for final negotiations. While this pressure is certainly meant in a positive way, some fear the acceleration will impact the level of compromise that could be less important vs. longer negotiations.
So, it’s a complete potboiler out here with suspense running high and emotions higher! We will be following the events closely and keep you posted. Until we have more clarity, we invite you to listen to a very special VIP guest, the Earth, who has asked Oscar winner Morgan Freeman to read out this love-letter in her name:
[youtube id= »w7JhRUbft5g » align= »left » mode= »normal » autoplay= »no » maxwidth= »780″ ]  

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.11.08 pmSources: 1, 2 

This beautiful initiative has been developed by the #EarthToParis Team, who like the UrbanMeisters team, are also positioned at the Place To B headquarter during the COP21. We invite you to sign the love-letter and keep the pressure high during this last mile on the negotiations here: #EarthToParis

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